Best Soundbars Under $200 Review & Comparison

Looking for the best soundbars under $200? Apparently the best hardware could be found at many costs in the market and well, same goes for the soundbars which most of the people would prefer to buy in 2019.

To be honest, most of the televisions or other audio stuff which we buy, the speakers usually suck we all know that.

Although, You can easily searching for the best soundbars in 2019, but if you don’t have any idea about which soundbars you should be buying, then this post does that job for you & so let’s just speak loudly about the top soundbar under dollar 200.

Top Budget soundbars 2019 under $200

There’s nothing quite just like the feeling of having the ability to look at concerts of your favorite bands and hear them play music right ahead of you.

Likewise, this sense is additionally a similar once you get to visualize movies in theater with all the sound effects that raise the thrill in your movie watching expertise.

But, what if I say that this expertise is feasible simply by sitting well right in your terribly own residence. You’d in all probability scoff and tell that I’m not serious.

Well, I wish, I wasn’t.

Enter the soundbars very similar to what their names recommend.These futuristic-looking systems tend to seem sort of a neat box or a bar which will simply match on a table, beneath your TV or maybe against the wall.

Sensible Soundbars are typically use to improve the sound delivery of most HDTVs, however they will even be used for your music-listening demands.

We’ve got listed some soundbar for beneath two hundred dollar that are value every and each penny you spend on it.

However, if you didn’t realise one from the list. I would prefer to advocate search around on Amazon or eBay for one that among your budget.

Lastly, if you discover one outside this list makes certain you scan the specs and up to date reviews from previous customers.

To find out all the data and wish that you just will therefore you don’t find yourself shopping for one thing that’s junk.

On a happier note, nowadays there are literally many systems which will simply suit your most popular worth vary and can additionally provide you with the epic sounds that you just have perpetually unreal of.

For a worth that’s straightforward to achieve.You get pleasure from your favorite music and elevate your show expertise to a full new, completely different level.

To help you in selecting your new soundbar system, I actually have compiled this of choices that stood out from the remainder with their awing specifications that may positively meet your finical standards. And, what’s additional, they solely value but $200.

Choosing a sound bar that blends in along with your theater system and have sensible audio performance at a similar time is troublesome.

It’s even troublesome once you are on a decent budget. Therefore, here is that the list of best soundbars from $50 to $200 or even 300 to decide on.You can use these soundbars along with your charming TV at your home. Also, you’ll use as a grand music system.

ZVOX Audio Z-Base 220

Well if you’re already quite bored with your under-performing and actually good-for-nothing TV speakers which you have been using and you would like a Soundbases that’s quite an improvement over the one which you already use, and comes under budget as well,

ZVOX Audio Z-Base 220 is that the best Soundbars under $150 that you just can purchase right away and is additionally termed because the World’s Smallest House System by the corporate.

ZVOX 4002201 Audio Z-Base 220 Low-Profile Single Cabinet Sound SystemThe overall style of Z-Base 220 is sort of the same as its higher finish model and hasn’t changed, over of these years.

In the 220, you get a show at the aspect that notifies volume, supply and different options likewise.

Underneath the show there’s physical buttons like: Power, Volume Up/Down, In-put supply, and 3.5mm stereo jack for connecting your smartphone to the Soundbar with AN Aux cable.

This 3.5 inches high and seventeen inches wide Soundbar has clear middle vary and stands in no comparison along with your unfed TV speakers. Its bundled one-page manual is straightforward enough to know, and fast enough for you to induce started with the Soundbar which is out of the box.

The 220 offers a slew of Virtual surround sound settings, but it doesn’t feel natural and you’re adequate not using it. But the one factor you’d like concerning it’s the ‘Loud Commercial Control’ feature that showing intelligence detects commercials and reduces volume automatically.

For such a cool price, you get a 3.1 channel system that contains a pair of inches of three speakers every and 5.25 inches of down firing subwoofer.

Moreover, it has a 12.5 inches of wide base which is capable enough to carry up to 27 inches of TV size thereon, but attributable to the integral subwoofer, things will get shaky every now and then.

Overall the ZVOX Audio Z-Base 220 is an impressive Soundbar for its worth and functions. It performs nice once it involves movies and everyday TV shows, and happens to be a superb replacement for your TV speakers.

Bose Soundlink Mini II

In this modern-day and age wherever everything goes transportable, wouldn’t it’s nice if you may carry your Soundbar with you? Well if you think that a similar approach, then the very good Soundbar Soundlink mini II is a perfect selection for travel enthusiasts who wish to carry their (high quality) music with them.Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II (Carbon)Available in Carbon and Pearl color, this transportable Soundbar is simply 7.1 inches long and weighs 1.5 lbs, and comes together with a charging cradle that weighs a pair of 0.8 ounces.

This best Bluetooth Soundbar below $200 might not be a perfect TV Soundbar selection, but if you would like to modify from your boring TV speakers to a souped up premium sound, you cannot miss the Bose Soundlink mini II.

This tiny Soundbar runs on battery and might keep alive for ten hours on full charge, long enough for observation three movies succeeding or being attentive to a really long music list.

As we tend to all grasp that Bose is understood for its decent style and thus why Soundlink mini II isn’t any exception either. The entire speaker chassis is formed from metallic element that offers it a chic look and rigidity similarly.

The front and back grille too don’t flex, creating the speaker a (solid) bang for your buck.

Bose Soundlink mini II is the best soundbar for music listening and to protect the speaker from accidental harm, you’ll be able to get a soft protect Soundlink mini II and a tough shell travel zipper case similarly.

Few buttons at prime are also there obtainable on the mini II and they are: Power Button, Volume Up/Down, Bluetooth Pairing, whereas the center button offers management playback and acts as mobile phone speaker, just in case you receive a decision whereas your phone is connected to the mini II.

To be honest, once you’re searching for the most effective Soundbar beneath $200, there aren’t several sensible choices out there but having the best one if is a priority, then the JBL Xtreme won’t let you down.

JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

JBL Xtreme could be a large wireless Bluetooth Speaker The JBL Xtreme out there at a worth marginally keep of $200 could be a super-sized speaker that isn’t entirely transportable neither is it sufficiently big to be referred to as a fully-fledged soundbar system.

It’s primarily a JBL Flip three on steroids and with a huge sound upgrade attributable to its twin 63mm woofers. The JBL Xtreme is on the market in 3 colors: Black, Blue and Red, and its package contain the speaker itself together with a wall adapter and strap to hold the speaker.

Design wise, the Xtreme doesn’t appearance sleek in the least, and is fat instead; with 2 hooks on either aspect to connect the (provided) strap.

Being also waterproof, the JBL Xtreme is totally lined with a waterproof cloth and a zipper at rock bottom that hides its property ports like Service port, Aux in, charging port and 2 USB ports for charging different devices.

A 10,000 mAh battery is fitted into the Xtreme that creates positive the speaker doesn’t surrender on you,whereas you’re look your favorite movies or paying attention to music along with your friends as a result of it offers twenty hours of battery life.

To connect it to your TV, you’ll want an external Bluetooth adapter or simply a low-profile 3.5mm Aux cable to attach this mega-sized Soundbar to your TV.

Making things easier, this Bluetooth Soundbar includes an exhausting plastic stand beneath which will stop the speaker from shaking or manufacturing vibrations.

Moreover, the profit that this Bluetooth speaker has over ancient Soundbar is, it doesn’t need a relentless power supply to charge it.

Razer Leviathan

If you’re searching for the most effective Soundbar for recreation and wish the best wanting Soundbar beneath $200, you have to be compelled to select the Razer Leviathan even with eyes closed.Razer Leviathan - Elite Gaming & Music Sound Bar With Dolby Surround Sound - Enabled with Bluetooth 4.0

Coming out of its nice designed recreation product mill, this Soundbar from Razer isn’t any exception either.

Razer Leviathan could be a the most effective soundbar subwoofer system, usually below $200. Unlike most soundbars mentioned during this article, the Razer Leviathan Soundbar is tiny in size, considering the very fact that it’ll be utilized by teens living in quarters rooms. With inclusion of 5.1 Ray M. Dolby Digital, you’ll expertise a correct surround sound even with such a low system.

Moreover, you get an excellent wanting subwoofer furthermore for an immersive bass performance attendant this little sized Soundbar.

The subwoofer contains a 5.25 inches down firing bass driver that’s loud enough to fill a whole space, and tight enough to make sure the bass isn’t resistless.

Coming to its style, the Razer Leviathan Soundbar is tiny enough to take a seat beneath your visual display unit and function the most effective Soundbar for recreation, movies and music listening.

Razer Leviathan could be a high rated sound bar beneath $200. There are also a few buttons enclosed on the soundbar which will assist you a lot. The subwoofer on the opposite hand appearance a lot of fashionable compared to the Soundbar.

It’s high has Razer’s emblem, whereas the complete subwoofer options a smallest style created from top quality plastic, whereas rock bottom contains the 5.25 inches’ loudspeaker unit.

Talking about its sound quality, the Razer Leviathan packs a bomb. You get a good sound from such a tiny low system. Although it’s going to not fill a whole front room, but for your bedchamber or your quarters room as it’s a perfect selection.

ZVOX Soundbase 350

Just under $200, you get a low-profile Soundbar from ZVOX that may be unbroken below your TV, facultative you to concentrate to a dynamite sound.

ZVOX SoundBase 330 24" Sound Bar With AccuVoice Hearing Aid Technology - 60-Day Home TrialThe Soundbase 350 may be a nice selection for people that hate wire fuss and need everything organized in an exceedingly single cupboard, which is what ZVOX offers.

This 24-inch long Soundbar is a good choice for you to follow as it comes with a 3.1 channel speaker system which actually consists of 5.25-inch bass driver, quite better for you to buy along with 3.2” speakers that completes the package. ZVOX recommends putting up to 42” screen size TV’s on the Soundbase 350 with a liquid ecstasy TV base of 23 inches.

The best point of this TV speaker is that the ZVOX’s has a great Voice feature that enhances vocals and dialogues within the audio content which you’re listening, permitting you to stay the speaker volume low.

There’s additionally a little device that provides numerous controls like Power, Input, Volume, Bass-Treble changes, Accu Voice, Output Levelling and Mute button.

The ZVOX too hates connecting multiple wires between your TV and Soundbar, which clearly suggest why you simply want an optical TOS link cable to create an affiliation and luxuriate in Dolby Digital sound yet.

There’s Bluetooth property to attach the Soundbase 350 for wireless music listening. Towards the right side of the Soundbar you’ve got a little show that notifies concerning volume, Bluetooth property, supply so on, it additionally turns off once not in use saving you electricity and distraction yet.

This wood cupboard designed Soundbar has slew of alternative options in it like as it reduces loud business volume saving you headache, and might even be programmed to use your TV or Cable box remote to regulate the ZVOX’s sound.

Polk Audio Magnifi One

If you’re probing for an esthetically premium designed Soundbar that not solely offers nice sound quality however additionally comes from an innately in style audio complete, then you must zero down on Polk Audio Magnifi One.

Polk Audio MagniFi One Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer System

Just like the antecedently mentioned Razer Leviathan, the Polk Audio Magnifi One comes with a (long) Soundbar let alone a vast subwoofer to finish the package.

With a height of two inches, the Soundbar is sleek enough to not be noticed and its breadth of 25 inches is long enough to couple as a good companion together with your fresh Flat screen TV.

This best Soundbar subwoofer band may be a 3.1 channel loudspeaker system that provides Polk’s Voice alter technology that ensures you hear clear vocals notwithstanding the quantity, placement or supply sound quality, that positively makes it the simplest TV Soundbar below $200.

Depending on the content you actually are observing, you’ll notice that the Equalizer settings of Magnifi One that ensures an immersive, room-filling sound.

Moreover, its package contains an IR device, 6ft. Stereo Cable, Optical Cable, two RCA adapters and four Rubber Feet that creates certain you get a whole package and don’t got to get when market accessories after shopping for the speaker. The subwoofer on the opposite hand may be a piece of fantastic that’s in an elaborate way styled permitting a borderline however noticeable design.

The subwoofer’s cupboard is constructed with prime quality materials with curvy edges and a down firing driver that’s loud enough to fill a complete area and clear enough to not overpower bass or distort at loud volumes.

Vizio SB3821-C6

When it involves reasonable, reliable and bang-for-your-buck soundbar, Vizio could be a complete you must be looking for. This 2.1 channel soundbar from Vizio comes with a sleek and sensible style, with nothing too fancy or sophisticated nor too boring likewise.

VIZIO SB3821-C6 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless SubwooferIts style can work well in any reasonably house, be it a fancy villa, your room or simply an addition to your youngster’s room. The SB3821-C6 is one in all the most effective soundbar with subwoofer accessible beneath $200 that’s a good suited little likewise as giant TVs, and may at the same time either be wall mounted or unbroken on the TV table.

Best part regarding this Vizio soundbar is that the subwoofer unit is wireless and thence you don’t need to keep it anyplace near the soundbar only for the sake of it.

Coming to the options which this soundbar offers, it has a 100dB sound output with a pair of .1 channel setup which is quite better and that’s loud enough to fill a whole lounge, and with Total Harmonic Distortion which is even less than 1%; your sound wouldn’t distort like alternative low cost soundbars.

For the people who are actually trying to attach their smartphone with this soundbar, it additionally comes with the best Bluetooth property and along with this, it will even connect with any Bluetooth transmitting device likewise.

At the highest of Vizio soundbar there’s many fast perform buttons likewise like: Power, Input supply choice, Bluetooth Pairing, Volume Down, Volume Up. It’s back options many property choices like USB port (to play music via Pen Drive), RCA property, 3.5mm Aux association to attach your smartphone via AN aux cable to play music, concentrically Input and Digital Optical Audio input likewise.

Moreover, Vizio additionally provides needed cables within the box to attach it to your TV. Along with that, the remote supplied with this soundbar subwoofer system is quite advanced and pretty smart compared to others.

Samsung HW-M360

This long soundbar from Samsung is a merger of character and premium features at a very cheap worth. It’s a thirty-five inches long soundbar that comes with a 2.1 channel setup with 6.1 inches wide subwoofer that’s ok to feature thump to your audio.Samsung HW-M360/ZA 2.1 Channel 200 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar (2017 Model)The HW K360 is that the best soundbar for music listening and with a hundred thirty Watts of sound output which makes positive that your music is loud enough to accompany you in your home. Since it comes with a wireless subwoofer, you’ll keep it anyplace within the house while not the need of it being near the soundbar.

Bluetooth property allows it to attach to any device and stream music wirelessly, furthermore you’ll conjointly use your smartphone as an overseas management by downloading Samsung Audio Remote App.

The provided device feels premium and is long enough to suit simply in your hands, it options fairly massive buttons which might be a good facilitate for people who have bother differentiating markings on little buttons.

If your main purpose is to concentrated on music, then the K360 may be a nice work because it offers clear vocals and crisp sound at a worth just below $150.

Coming to the soundbar, its style is incredibly sleek and low profile, and with a metal grille on the front offers it a premium look and feel.

You also get a junction rectifier show at the middle of the soundbar that displays input supply, volume and different options, and shuts off directly once used.


So, this was our guide to buy best soundbars under 200$ and if you too are planning to buy one for yourself, then all you have to do is to just go ahead and check the factors before buying one and if you find one in your budget, then make sure that you research about it accordingly and check online reviews and pricing in order to make it the best buy for you.

Here, we have given some of the best reviews regarding these soundbars and if you like them or want to buy it for somebody you care about, make sure you share it with them. Also, if you have any questions or queries regarding any of the products here, then you can easily ask them out in the comment section below and we will be sure to answer those queries for you.

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