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Best Tension Shower Rods Review & Comparison

Bathroom is the place where most of the time water usage is done in major amount and hence it also becomes the most probable place where all the slippery accidents occurs and it is always advisable to keep the bathroom dry whenever possible to avoid such accidents.

These small slippery accidents can cost you heavy physically, financially and emotionally.

Best shower curtain rods for tile

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Use of Best Shower Curtain Rods plays a major role to keep your bathroom area maximum dry and can avoid the slippery incidences as the curtain restricts the water to spread throughout the bathroom from the shower space.

Tension rods are used to install the bathroom curtains that restrict the water to be spill outside of the bathtub or shower area and keep the rest of the bathroom area dry.

It also helps to enhance the stylish look of your bathroom with different style of curtains.

Safety is the utmost priority while building and decorating home and tension shower rod play very important role to keep the bathroom safe and slip free by keeping the bathroom maximum dry.

The best shower rod always has the qualities such as durable, easy to use and bear all kinds of load.

Important points to be considered while purchasing fixed Tension shower rods

When you are looking out for the perfect fit tension curtain rod some important must be considered to shortlist any product or unit.

These points cannot be excused as if any of these is missing you will end up choosing the wrong unit for your bathroom.Below points may help you to find out your perfect tension curtain rod.

Accurate Measurement

Measurement is very important when you are selecting a curtain rod for your bathroom. Always have the accurate measurement and select the model accordingly.

Try to measure at the exact position where you want to install the tension rod. You will be able to decide by measurement that you need an extendable unit or a simple curtain rod.

Length of Rod

Now as you have the perfect measurement for the shower space you need to check the exact fit tension rod and if you are not sure about the size of the rod on the safer side always prefer the extendable rods.

Rod Style

The new style of rods that is curved shaped is specially designed to get the extra elbow space in the shower and hence you get enough space to take bath without frequent touch to the shower curtain.

So rod style is also an important factor while choosing the tension rod for your bathroom. Again double rod style is also there which again gives you extra lining in your shower space.

Installation Method

Easy installation always makes the customer happy and hence it is very important to know the installation process. Now a day no screw and no drill installation are in trend and hence without damaging your wall you can mount the tension rod in your bathroom.

You should also read all the installation process before buying the product to make sure it is suitable for the area for which you buying.

Material of the rod

To get the durable and long lasting tension rod it is very important to see the rod material. If the rod is of good material and Rust-proof then it has long life and reliable to purchase.

Generally stainless steel and aluminium are the major materials to be considered for rod making as it is Rust-proof and lightweight. Again the finishing also one more factor to look for. Powdered coated rod has good life as compared to others.

Weight capacity

While choosing the right tension rod the weight capacity of the rod is also a factor that needs to be checked. As this will help you to shortlist your curtain pattern accordingly.


The functionality of the tension rod can be considered to have the perfect tension curtain shower rod that may get fit at any size of the shower space. This allows the user to use that rod even when there is some length adjustment needed.

And again it is helpful in case of wrong measurement taken as it can get fit in any space due to its extendable feature.

Warranty on the product

Warranty on the product is also important that helps you to replace or repair the product in case of any damage or defect in the product. Many products also claims Rust-proof warranty so in that case if you are not satisfied with the Rust-proof feature you can use the warranty claim.

Cost of the product

And last but not the least, cost of the product that is the final and important factor. The cost of the product should also fit into your budget and if all goes well according to the selection factors you can proceed to finalize your best suited tension rod for your bathroom.

Best Shower Curtain Rods in 2018

Below we can see some of the best tension shower rods in the market and each one has its own special quality along with the necessary features.

Zenna Home 35633BNP

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Zenna Home Tension shower rod is specially designed by eliminating the old style flaws in the curved shower curtain rod. This rod is designed to give you an extra shower space along with the durability and other necessary features.

As the extra shower space characteristic of this rod helps you to get rid of the frequent touching of the arm to the curtain which is definitely annoying while taking bath.

So this extra shower space characteristic of this rod gives you comfortable bathing experience. The zenna 35633BNP is a curved shape tension rod that gives you extra 6.5 inches of elbow room in the shower space.

The rod is an aluminium material structure and designed to be 100% rust-proofs. Zenna Home assures you to have a rust free bathroom tension rod with a lifetime commitment.

The aluminium body makes it lightweight that merely 2.5 lbs and hence it becomes easy for installation without much hassles to the user.

It comes in various finishes like Satin Nichel, Chrome and Oil Rubbed Bronze so you can choose the best suitable finishing rod for your bathroom to enhance its look along with safety.

This unit comes with a TwistTight Technology that allows the user to experience the simple installation and the rod can be extended or twisted to secure the rod and get it installed properly.

So the best features of this rods are attractive double curved shower rods, great in shower space and availability of finishes. This is the best in the market with all premium qualities.

InterDesign Forma Constant Tension Rod

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This is one of the popular tension rods because of its quick installation feature that makes it more in demand.

This quick installation feature can be achieved because of its compress, twist and release installation process.

It is stylish in look and allows you to get the maximum less slippery area in the bathroom and walk securely without the fear of slipping.

The unit is made of stainless steel that makes it good in look and prevents it from rust. InterDesign also comes in various extension patterns.

The smallest ranges between 26” and 42”. The largest ranges between 78” and 108”. This extension ranges becomes comfortable for buyers to buy the right unit as per their requirement.

InterDesign is the reliable and affordable home equipment producer. The product is always durable and high quality.

Kenny A7004213316 Tension Rod

InterDesign is the reliable and affordable home equipment producer. The product is always durable and high quality. 

This unit is best suited for light weight shower curtain. This is one of the best tension rods in the market by considering its quality and price.You can adjust it from 28 to 48 inches.

The plastic and soft tips help to protect the wall from getting the mounting marks.

The only thing that may bother to someone that it comes in only one colour that is brass colour but it may be ignored if we look at its price and quality of the product. Easy to mount and durable are the best features of this unit.

Moen DN2141BN double curved shower rod

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This Moen double curved shower rod is the best one in the list as per its price. The stylish and double curvedenhances the look of the bathroom and also allows you to hang liner along with shower curtains.

The detailed installation guide makes the mounting of the rod hassle free. It comes in three finishes that are brushed nickel, chrome and old world bronze.

The product also comes with a limited lifetime period warranty against defects that definitely a plus to choose this product.

Selify white extendable spring tension rod

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It is a white, lightweight and adjustable telescopic rod. It can be extended to the required pole length. It comes with a screw head design that is more stable and secure.

It comes in white colour that gives an elegant look to your bathroom along with security. It is easy to install and durable. As compared to other companies this product comes in reasonable price and can be added on the list of shortlisting.

Deco Window extendable shower tension curtain rod

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This unit gives you a very easy installation experience and that is the prime characteristic of it that is easy and quick installation.

It is an extendable curtain rod with minimum length 101 cm and maximum 193 cm.

It comes in three colours that is charcoal, black and white. Unit is made of stainless steel tubing that is rust free.

It is powder coated finish that gives it a stylish and glossy look to enhance the bathroom look. Overall good, durable and attractive piece.

Freelance shower curtain tension pole heavy duty rod

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Freelance heavy duty tension rods are the top quality tension rods.

These are attractive, inexpensive and easily installed rods. This unit is adjustable to fit most of the shower stalls of any size.

The prime features of this unit are quick and easy installations simply extended and twist. The primary material is aluminium so it is rust free and durable.

Spring tension curtain rod

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It is highly rated and available in silver colour. It is light weight and easy to handle unit. It is one of the highly rated tension rods.

This is one of the easy to install and easy to handle tension rod in the market. It does not require a carpenter, no screw, no drill and no damages.

Just follow the mounting instructions as per the guidelines and you are good to go to hang your shower curtains.

It is rust-proof, adjustable, extendable and spring tension rod that allows you to have the durable and reliable curtain rod.

It comes in 70 – 120 cm size. It comes in elegant white colour that enhances your bathroom look along with security.

Kohler Expanse 72” curved shower rod

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The brand name speaks for itself so, Kohler curved tension shower rod is againone of the best curtain rods to have in the list.

It comes in oil rubbed bronze finish that gives an elegant as well as vibrant look to your bathroom.

It is Rust-proof, easy to install and durable. It comes with limited lifetime warranty that again an added advantage to shortlist this unit.

The technically perfect curve of the unit helps to get rid of the frequent hand touch to the shower curtain. Perfectly fit for any size of shower space.

Aurora shower curtain rod

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This is an adjustable, extendable and spring tension pole heavy duty rod. It is made of aluminium material of diameter 25 mm and of .5 mm thickness. It is a Rust-proof ivory colour powder coated spring tension rod.

It is quick, easy to install simply extend and twist. No drill, no screw, no damages is required while installing. It is an extendable unit minimum 42” and maximum 78”. So it gets fit to any size shower space. Major material is aluminium and hence Rust-proof.

So, these are the prominent tension rods in the market that gives you all the basic as well as advanced criterion get satisfied.

You can shortlist your best suited rod by considering the shortlisting factor mentioned above.

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