10 Best Projector Under $200 Review

Projectors are the technical devices that can easily project small objects on a bigger display screen. It is one of the most versatile technological products with the help of which even the smallest of objects can be projected as big entities on the big screen.

Several projectors are available to serve different purposes. According to their capabilities, they are put to use. Projectors are often used in offices, schools, and colleges. People give presentations, and essential details and documents can be viewed on big screens.

The projectors provide better visuality and clarity, which is not feasible with the help of a desktop or a laptop as they have much smaller screens. Projectors can help to give a better home viewing experience, gaming screen, or office display as well. 

best projectors under 100 dollars

All of this is because of improvements in projection technology as we can have excellent projectors that are comparatively cheaper. You will now have to spend less amount of money to buy one of the best projectors available. You will find several projectors under the budget of $200. 

 There are a lot of features that should be taken into account before buying. Some of the necessary characteristics include the media types, the resolution, compatibility of the projector, and, most importantly, the distance. The distance is referred to as the throw distance for all significant considerations. 

The projectors available under $200 are the best practical projectors that ensure an excellent experience for people who don’t want any gaming experience or a 4K HD Video. These projectors help to meet your daily needs, such as playing music, watching movies, and more. 

 Have a look at the list below to know about some great projectors recommended by us that are cost-effective and provide excellent performance. 

Top 10 Best Projectors Under $200

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 You must be in a dilemma till now that how will you find the best projector with so many terrifying features. Below-mentioned is probably the best picks under $200 available on the market today. You will easily find the best projector available for all your needs and will be the best fit for all the time. 

 Let us look at some of the best options available under $200. 

TAINIDI Video Projector 3600Lux

TAINIDI Video Projector 3600Lux,

Tainidi CL760 is a big-screen entertainment projector that can help you with a great experience of the theatres at your home. Make the most of your weekends with the help of this fantastic big-screen entertainment courtesy.

This range of projectors will give a tremendous cinematic pleasure at an affordable price range. If you are looking for a portable projector, then this projector will be the best one. Use it to give powerpoint presentations to a significant size of the audience or make your room the theatre during the weekend and have your friends over to enjoy a live cricket match or watch one of the most awaited movies of the season.  

Good Audio-Visual Experience

The amazing audio-visual experience will be achieved from the projector it has optimized fan noise that is reduced to a great extent. The fan used is upgraded that helps to reduce the sound of the fan drastically so that its users can have the best projector experience. 

Advanced Technology

A new technology LED lamp used in the projector gives its videos and images vibrant and natural colors. With its help, losses are reduced, and lamp utilisation is maximised, and it successfully delivers an increased life span to the lamp, which is of about 5,00,000 hours. 

Tainidi projectors are integrated with advanced technologies that help them give better performance, and great experience is obtained by the customers. The functions integrated into the range include cooling technology that avoids overheating of the device. Tainidi CL760 can be used for 3-4 hours, and still, it will not be overheated because of its continuous usage. 

Well protected lens

There is an extra layer of covering on the glass of the device that helps to keep them protected. External wear and tear will not harm the sensitive lenses of the projector, and thus they can give power-packed performances. The horizontal lens cover is given for the protection that gets the slide when the lens is in use. 

This versatile device can provide sharper images if the size ranges from 44 to 80 inches. The projection size is 4.0 to 18.4 feet. 

Offers best penultimate measurement

A distance of 10 feet projects an image of 98 inches and is considered as one of the best penultimate measures that help to make the most of the stellar visuals available. The projector has perfect sizes and dimensions used so that tremendous and brighter videos and images are ensured. You can use this projector at the school, college, or home and have the best experience of using compatible projectors. 

Amazing connectivity

When it comes to connectivity, there is an abundance of options available, including Dual USB Slots, dual HDMI slots. One is VGA, and the other one is AV. A headphone jack of 3.5 mm is also included that enables hearing of audio through your earpiece. There are a lot of features included in this compatible projector, and because of such attributes, it can serve as the ideal pick to gift it to one of your friends or gift yourself this Christmas season.  

The projector comes with some of the pros and cons, and they are mentioned below 

  • Sharper and brighter images are delivered with superior quality videos. The quality is much better than the peer projectors available. 
  • It can be used with several devices such as PC, Laptop, TV Box, Blu-ray DVD players, Tablets, and other smart devices.
  • The enhanced fan system assisted with heat dispersion that helps to bring the fan noise down to 50%.
  • 3-years of technical support is provided from the date of purchase. The device is also backed by a customer service warranty. 
  • Dolby videos are not supported in the device.

GoDee outdoor movie 3600L projector

GooDee Upgrade HD Video Projector 4500L Outdoor Movie Projector,

buy now

This projector helps to give the enormous size of images, and you will find it easy to project larger images that are sharper in quality. The scale ranges between 44-200 inches, and the distance recommendation is of 4.9-18 feet. The feature of bringing a picture to focus is also possible with this projector. A distance of 4.9 is recommended if you need to bring some images to focus while giving a presentation.

Good big screen experience

A distance of 10 feet is the best recommendation when it comes to providing sharper images. This viewing distance is best as it can project an image of 98-inch. Thus, you can quickly bring a big-screen experience to your home with the help of this projector.

 The projector has a large screen, and there are some built-in features to give a fantastic performance. The features include built-in speakers, and high-resolution images are featured. The resolution of the images displayed is believed to have a resolution of about 1080 px.

Amazing contrast ratio

It provides an excellent contrast ratio for the amount of money spent, and each penny is worth the features packed in the projector. The size of the projector is quite handy, which makes it easy to be used at home and outdoors as well. 

Before buying a projector, you should look for the level of brightness its bulb has as it serves as one of the essential preconditions. The brightness level of the projector should be higher than that of the room. The brightness feature will help to give a vibrant picture quality. 

Bright Display

You can also use the projector outdoors, such as in the backyard or at your garage. Brighter and more full images are promised by the projector as it is packed with 3600 lumens of brightness. Some fantastic features make this projector the best choice under the price range of $200. 

This home theatre projector uses LED lighting, and this feature adds up to the lifespan of the projector. Lifespan is added in stark contrast and conventional bulbs. 

Multi-direction projection

Multi-directional projection can also be adjusted in this projector. It can be done by changing the text direction for meeting the various needs. The projector can dissipate heat faster so that the projector can be used for long stretches in one go. 

There are several advantages and cons available in the projector. You must be aware of that as well so that the decision made is appropriate as per your needs. Look at some of them below – 

  • Vibrant view of images is provided even if there is no light in the ambiance. The projector can bring 80% additional brightness to its competitors. 
  • The quality of the photos is guaranteed to be vivid and accurate, with an image resolution of 1280*768 px. 
  • Favorite movies can be watched as with the use of the advent technologies, fan noise of the device is reduced to negligible. 
  • The source of light used is LED that ensures low consumption of energy in comparison to the conventional bulbs. This helps to give longevity to the device, as well. 
  • At times of malfunctioning of the equipment, it can be taken to the service center as it is packed with three years of warranty. 
  • Details are lacking in built-in stereo speakers. Therefore, they might fail to impress their audience. 
  • The throw range of this variant is also limited.

Vankyo Leisure Upgraded Projector

Vankyo Leisure 3(Upgraded Version) 3600L Mini Projectorbuy now

One of the most excellent choices of projectors available in the market that are budget-friendly and high-quality as well. The features offered by this projector are high-quality for the price range it is possible for. 

Best Quality Images

The images displayed by this projector are an usher in quality, even if adequate light is present in the ambiance. Vankyo 510 upgraded projector can serve as one of the best choices of the projector available in the market. The edge of its chassis has ample space to vent out the heat to prevent the device from getting overheated. 

Firm tactile feedback is ensured with the help of an enlarged manual wheel focus embedded at the top of the Vankyo 510 projector. 

There are LED lamps used in the projector that ensures vibrant and natural colors added to the images that make them sharper in quality. 

Long Life

You can easily use the projector for 10 hours daily, and it will work fine for 15 years.

Amazing cinematic experience:

The contrast ratio is about 3000:1, and it helps to deliver a great cinematic experience. Though the videos and images of this projector cannot be treated equivalent to HDR, the presentation made with this variant are very compelling and more beautiful in quality. 

Best option for school/college use

There are four M3 holes present in the body of the device with which you can easily mount the projector from the ceiling. Thus, you can enjoy the protection size that ranges from 44-200 inches from a distance of about 4.9-18 feet. The projector is best to give presentations at your school or college. 

Easy to setup

 The model has a straightforward installation that can be done in a few minutes, no matter how you want to use this projector. 

If you want to use it as a screen for watching movies or streaming online content, or you want to play video games with this projector, it has got you covered, and all your needs will be fulfilled in just a few minutes. 

You can very quickly hook the projector with HDMI, VGA, or USB adaptors, and this way, you can enjoy almost every kind of media you want. 

  • The projector has excellent compatibility with almost all devices available that include chrome cast, Amazon Fire Stick, laptop, Xbox, iPhone, iPad, smartphones, etc.
  • You will get away from the headache of frequent replacements of the device, and the LED lamp can help sustain your back for almost 50,000 hours. 
  • The cinematic experience is obtained with the help of dual wifi speakers available.
  • Customized carrying bags are provided that make it easy to store and carry from one place to another.
  • Several connectivity options are provided, which makes it easy to use in most areas.
  • Limit the outdoor usage of the device at times of extreme weather conditions as it is not waterproof.
  • The airflow is improved in the method that may sometimes lead to noise issues.

DB Power Projector

DBPOWER L21 LCD Video Projector

buy now

This is also known as the best image rotator and serves as the best option for providing presentations on a big screen. The projector is a bit cheaper than the GoDee variation available as it offers almost a similar level of brightness and has nearly the same features compacted in it. You get the advantage of mounting the projector almost anywhere and in any orientation since you can use the functionality of rotating the image.  

Amazing user experience

These are LED lumen projectors that pave much brighter images, and the viewers can have a fantastic experience on the go. Screen resolutions of almost 720*1080 pixels. A contrast ratio of 2000:1 is provided to the photos and videos. 

Good inbuilt features

The projection size is 30 to 176 inches from a distance of 1.1 to 5 m. The portable projector comes with in-built speakers that help to encompass 50% louder sound waves compared to other traditional peers available in the market. 

No need of external speakers

While using this projector in a normal-sized room, you can say goodbye to external speakers as the sound produced is loud enough to provide a great experience. The usage provided by this projector can last for 50,000 hours, and therefore you don’t have to worry about its frequent replacements. 

Good connectivity

There are a plethora of connection options available. To keep its users covered from technical glitches, the projector is packed with a 3-years warranty. It is compatible with almost all devices. You can easily connect it to a smartphone, laptop, pc, iPhone, Amazon Firestick, etc. 

  • The build quality of the projector is superb.
  • The projector is portable enough due to which it can provide optimum value for money.
  • You can set up the projector very easily.
  • The glare on the eyes is reduced from the direct or blue light that is common in projectors.
  • The perfect audio system is in-built in the device to provide an excellent sound experience.
  • Low power consumption is ensured by the device.
  • The picture sometimes gets pixilated.
  • It is difficult to adjust the focus of the device.
  • Sometimes a lot of noise is emitted by the projector. 

Vivimage C580 Lux Movie Projector

 VIVIMAGE Cinemoon 580 Projector

buy now

You can make the most of this projector, and it can be used to provide one of the best experiences of the big screen with fantastic connectivity. You can simply enjoy your favorite TV shows, music, games, music concerts, etc. The price range charged for such great features is excellent. The projector fits your budget well.  

Brilliant illumination

Lux brightness is of 4000, and it helps to produce 80% more lighting in comparison to other similar projectors available in its range. You can also enjoy stellar images through the device in rooms that are lit up with sufficient lightning.

Excellent display

The display supported by the VIVIMAGE projector ranges from 44 to 176 inches, and the distance recommended for the device is of 1.5-5.6 meters. The ideal viewing distance is recommended to be 6.5 inches. If all recommendations are met, then you will have the best feel of using extravagant screens.

Heat produced easily dispersed

Superior heat dispersion technology is used in the device because of the dynamic cooling system available in the product. It is also packed with noise suppression qualities that make it most suitable for watching movies.

No noise disturbance

No disturbance is experienced as the noise is lowered to almost half, so that the viewers can concentrate on their movie well. The lamp life of the product is also believed to be extended to 60,000 hours.

Adequate audio system

The projector is also built with a sound system so that you don’t have to worry about the extra cost of external speakers for the best audio experience. Top-notch audio is experienced with its dual speakers that are of stereo quality. 

Connect almost any device to the system. You may have the feeling of being spoilt with so many options available in the VIGIMAGE projector. 

  • The projection possibilities are added to the device by providing a ceiling mount hole at the bottom.
  • The images ushers in 80% more brightness as compared to other similar projectors available in the market. 
  • The focus ring can be adjusted manually.
  • It is compatible with a plethora of devices available that includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, PS4, etc.
  • The projector is compacted with decent audio-visual effects, and great audio support is obtained from the dual stereo speakers that ensure the fantastic cinematic experience provided to the audience. 
  • The projector has a heat dispersion capability that prevents it from getting overheated. 
  • You will have to adjust the keystone manually. 

WSKY Newest Portable Home Theatre Projector

Wsky Portable Home Theater

buy now

Amazing price level is charged for the best bet of home theatre available. A variety of media is used to connect the device, and it is straightforward to set up the projector. The ultimate connection is ensured as it can also be connected to an older version of media available in the form of VCRs or other older gaming systems. 

Easily Adjustable

You can easily adjust the projector and can enjoy the best cinematic experience provided. Another feature added to it is of +-15°vertical keystone adjustment. With the help of this cool feature, you can get a picture just right very quickly on any surface. It doesn’t matter on what surface you are trying to project the images. 

Amazing intrinsic properties

In the market of entertainment enthusiasts, the WSKY projector is already very famous for some of its excellent in-built qualities. The projector has a contrast ratio of 2000:1, and the viewers will be able to experience 90% more illumination than its contemporaries. All your gaming and movie related needs can be sufficed at the highest possible extent. 

Good LED display

The bulb life of the product is the longest from other similar products available. The LED display technology ensures that bulbs last longer, almost as long as 40,000 hours. It takes away the worries of frequent changes, especially at times of urgent meetings. You can choose to project the device either at your home or outside with great ease. 

Rich graphics

You can also enjoy vibrant graphics on the projected surface. It is compatible in size, which means it doesn’t require enough space. The projector is built keeping modern apartments in mind that doesn’t have enough floor space. You can also save on energy consumption with the help of this range of the projector. 

Power saving technology

The projector uses a low-voltage technology that ensures less energy consumption. It, in turn, helps more money-saving benefits. It also has in-built speakers to deliver the best cinematic experience to its customers. 

  • Vertical keystone adjustment available that helps the viewers to enjoy games, movies, and music videos 
  • Innovative design is ensured for the product that easily blends with the in-house decor and also helps to accentuate its aesthetic appeal. 
  • It is capable of delivering 90% brighter and sharper images when compared to the images displayed by its peer competitors. 
  • The product is packed with Dolby speakers to ensure exceptional audio experience and give the feel of cinematic experience. 
  • Noise suppression technology is available in the system to ensure that fan noise is significantly reduced to prevent any disturbance. 
  • The projector may not be the best fit for giving official presentations. As the name suggests, it ensures a great home experience to provide the feel of a theatre. 

Dracolight 3300 Lumens Mini portable projector

buy now

If you want to buy a cost-effective projector. The one that can render high illumination images, then Dracolight is one of the best available options.

Provides protection against radiation

The projector is capable of providing uniform illumination and the brightness is also eye-protective so that no harm is caused to the eyes of the viewer. It makes it suitable for long hours of viewing.


The projector is available in your budget and it doesn’t cross the affordability meter. Dracolight GC333 will be the best model available in the entire range, and it will serve all your needs by being the best pick. 

Amazing audio-visual experience

The projector is designed aesthetically to ensure that it collects a lot of praises. You will be able to treat your guests with an amazing audio-visual experience provided by Dracolight mini projectors. Your home guests will surely appreciate the most compatible projector that is pocket-friendly as well. Dual HiFi speakers are built-in the device that can create a good sonic environment. 

Extensive image and video quality

The images and videos rendered from this device are 50% brighter. Therefore, you will be able to view sharper images. The projector can maintain a stellar contrast of 2000:1. Compacted with a uniform illumination feature the viewers will not experience any dark parts appearing in between the videos and images during the brink of the screen. 

Impressive features

Plenty of screen synchronisation features are available in the device with the help of which its users can make the most of it. The video projector can be easily hooked with a smartphone using HDMI adapter and you can experience one of the best audio-visual displays. Sharper videos are projected with good quality supported on the screen. 

The speakers are excellent to create a boom in a room that is of normal size. If you have an audiophile within you then external speakers should be connected. However, external speakers are mandatory if you are using the projector in front of large audience size. 

Compatible with tripods

There is a single mounting hole on the body of the device featuring dual-use design and with its help, the device is made compatible with tripods that are either ¼ inch screw projector tripod stand or is a normal standard camera tripod. Varying height requirements can be fulfilled as it can rotate up and down the screw and its height is adjustable. 

It is one of the best portable projectors available in the affordable price range. The device can cater to almost all the requirements of its users, therefore, giving the best cinematic experience.

  • The setup is very easy that takes only a few minutes and the best viewing effect can be enjoyed.  
  • Keystone corrections are supported by the projector that helps to get a more rectangular picture frame and clearer frames are obtained.
  • You can also adjust the focus button for more clarity.
  • The projector gets buffered regularly with the help of advanced cooling technology. Back to back TV series can be easily watched and the device will not get overheated.
  • The audio-visual experience is not disrupted because of its fan noise as it is almost negligible.
  • There is no need for frequent lamp replacements as the projector is packed with a lamp life of almost 50,000 hours. 
  • You cannot use your Bluetooth speakers as it does not have the facility of connecting them.
  • Most of the modern-day apartments have cramped floors. Therefore, the projectors should have short-throw capabilities for a better experience but such facilities are lacking in the device. 

WiMiUS P18 LED Projector

Projector, WiMiUS P18 Upgraded 5800 Lumens LED Movie Projector

buy now

This portable projector is compacted with almost all the features that are required to have the best experience of using a projector.

Economical buy

The model is quite economical and fits your budget as well. Moreover, the quality of video and images are compromised and its low price will not affect the performance.

All types of media ports supported

You can easily find all sorts of media ports at the back of the projector. Different slots available are VGA, HDMI and USB. 

Great display quality

You can use the projector in a dark room as it will still produce vibrant, vivid, colour images and videos. The videos will be sharper as well.  

Perfect big screen experience

With the help of WiMiUS LED projector, you can easily experience big-screen extravaganza from the comfort zone of your home. It is packed with the brightness of 4000 Lumens and it can light up a dark room. Screen resolution of the projector is within the range of 1080 pixels and its contrast ratio is believed to be 4000:1. 

Fine detailing done

Extraordinary detailing can be seen with this projector, therefore, it is one of the best fits for giving presentations at school or office. Because of such great attributes, this projector is an ideal choice for playing games, watching movies, viewing pictures, etc.

Energy efficient

The LED lights used consumes less energy, thus it is energy efficient as well. To use the projector in a room where you will be needing the largest screen then it is advisable to keep the projector 3 metres away from the screen. For smaller screens, you can move the projector forward towards the screen and do the adjustments as per your needs. 

Good audio quality

Experience bombastic audio with which you can have a better cinematic experience while you enjoy the flavour of your favourite movie. The projector has a sheer quality, which makes it redundant to attach external speakers while playing or watching indoors. The LED lamp has a life of almost 50,000 hours that helps to improve the performance. 

Long life span

Normal LCD projectors get lacklustre within 3 years and you might need to replace the older one with a new projector. Try this WiMiUS projector that can back up with you for a life span of almost 10 years. 

  • +-15 Vertical Keystone correction feature helps to impart a more rectangular image and the focus ring can also be adjusted to make the images more clear.
  • There are four projection modes and the projector can be installed in any one i.e either in the front or rear placement on the disk or you can also mount it to the ceiling.
  • Packed with a cooling system that is better than other projectors and reduces 50% noise and is 50% more cooler than its peer projectors available in the market.
  • The projection size offered varies from 50-200” and advisable projection distance is of about 1.5-5.5m.
  • The product comes backed up with 3 years warranty to keep the chances of malfunctioning buffered. 
  • Requires soft handling and needs care as the projector may break easily if handled roughly.

ABox A2 Video Projector

ABOX LED Mini Portable HDMI Projector

buy now

Enjoy the best experience of watching videos and movies on the big screen with amazing sound quality. This projector is compacted with almost all the necessary features. It has a portable body that can be taken easily from one place to another.

Theatre-like experience

It is now time for you to enjoy the theatre-like experience from the comfort zone of your home with the help of New ABox A2 Home projector that is portable as well. The projector is the best fit for watching movies, as the name suggests that it is a video projector.

Top notch audio visual quality

There are some features added to the device to make it an amazing choice for watching movies and videos. The home projector is specifically designed to offer you an extraordinary audio-visual extravaganza. 

Can be used in a dimly lit room as well

With 100 ANSI Lumens of brightness, the projector can light up a dark room. The screen is lit up with 50% more brightness in comparison to the standard projectors available in the market. Even if there is ample light present in the ambience, the screen will not get lacklustre. The viewers can enjoy sharper and brighter images with the help of LED lumens present in the device. 

Good contrast ratio

With high contrast ration, it is ensured that the graphics have enhanced sharpness. The details presentation can be viewed with greater advantages, high-speed motion of dark scenes. Saturated colours are produced by A2 projectors that are great for gaming. 

  • Deformation of the picture can be easily solved by turning the ring. This allows flexibility to set up the projector in a different environment.
  • The stereo sound system helps to obtain accurate sound in every scene. 
  • The projectors are capable of producing a colour gamut.
  • Easily conduct business presentations in quiet rooms ensuring no fan noise. 
  • Rich colour production is generated to produce crisp images.
  • The device doesn’t support Dolby sounds.

DLP Elephas Mini Projector

DLP ELEPHAS 2600 Lumen

buy now

In a small stature, extremely good quality features are stored to provide great projection experience. The environment needs to be dark where DLP projector will be used. The device is best for camping adventures, where a group of friends can install the device in a completely dark area. 

Highly compatible with other devices

Enjoy exactly what is displayed on your screen. The device is also compatible to be used by Airplay, Miracast, DLNA, etc. This feature can easily protect your screen without connecting external cords. HDMI port allows connection of media. 

Rechargeable batteries

Batteries are rechargeable so that you can use them again and again. The USB cable can be used to recharge the batteries. Therefore, it makes the projector portable to transfer it from one place to another. Once you have charged the battery fully, it provides a backup of up to 2-2.5 hours when running at a stretch. The time is sufficient for either a movie or a gaming session on the go. 

  • Larger screen size ensures great projection feels.
  • Batteries are rechargeable, so the viewers don’t have to worry about its downtime.
  • Bulb life packed to the device ensures that frequent change is not required.
  • Portable design makes the projector easy to be carried.
  • Not fit for the school and official presentations.
  • The features might be daunting you, and your mind must be already filled with a lot of questions. To ease your job, we have done a bit of hard work and have compiled a list of the features you should consider before making the purchase.

 Features to be considered while buying a projector

Technology has made so much advancement that projectors are now affordable, and they equivalently give priced OLED and LCD TV a run for their money. We are going to discuss the best projectors available under $200 in this article so that you can easily decide which one will be the best fit for you. 

 Well, before deciding to buy, some key characteristics are to be considered. Such features will help you make the most of your projector, and you can obtain some of the best benefits by using them.

Let us have a look at some of the features that are to be considered while you are buying a projector – 

Brightness –  

The first parameter that is to be considered in a projector is its brightness. The amount of light a projector emits plays a significant role in the quality of the image that is displayed on the screen. 

 It also helps to maintain the quantum of brightness for the image that is displayed. Usually, the best lumen degree is sought out to avoid the image quality from getting soft and muddy. 1000:1 is the minimum ANSI Lumens that is mandatory if the projector is required to put it to use. 

The size of your room, the size of the projector and light in the ambiance serves as the primary determining factor. We recommend placing bigger projectors in bigger rooms, and the projector must have their ANSI Lumen. 

 Contrast Ratio –

 The ratio is referred to as the balance between the black and white images on the screen that imparts a better look at the projector’s brightness. 

When you are choosing the perfect contrast ratio, make sure that you always select the highest as there are chances that the colors in the image make the image look blurry with patterns that are washed if there is no clear demarcation between hues.

 The minimum available contrast ratio available in the projector is 1500:1. It will help you make the most of your projector in darker rooms.

Resolution and Aspect Ratio – 

 The density of pixels is conveyed as a native resolution, and it plays a significant role in determining the ultimate picture quality. The pixel required to play DVD Content is 1024*768, and it is sufficient for the content of the DVD. 

But if you want to stream an HDTV Content, then the required pixel count is 1920*1080. This count becomes mandatory to display high-quality images and videos. Width of an angle, along with the height, helps to determine the aspect ratio, and 4:3 is considered the ideal limit.  

This ratio helps to serve business requirements, and ultimate compatibility is also ensured. The projection of DVDs and require an aspect ratio of 16:9 and helps to maintain engagement in games and cinema. Bigger screens require an aspect ratio of 16:10. 

Fan Noise – 

There are in-built fans in the projectors, and it helps in alleviating the heat that is produced by the lamp that is present inside the projector. There are some projectors available which make less noise and are quieter than their contemporaries. 

Projection Technology – 

The two most popular technologies are digital light processing and liquid crystal display. They are most widely used by premium projectors. Both sets have different pros and cons that should be considered before you proceed with the decision to buy a projector. 

For rooms that are lit, the LCD projector is the best choice as it can produce sharper and brighter images. They are more energy-efficient and produce less noise. DLP projectors second the list with its great portability as it is lighter in weight and compactly built to fit in any space very quickly. Input is accepted by them from several devices that include DVD, Blu-ray and HDTV sources.

 Videos displayed had a smooth notion, especially in action sequences. DLP projectors have a better contrast from LCD projectors. Moreover, black colors on the screen are more profound and more accurate.


Switching from a small TV screen to a big projector is one of the best decisions ever made. Though there are very limited options available in the price range the projectors listed have been found out keeping in mind the needs and preferences. The projectors were compared in various parameters before the final verdict. The parameters include throw distance, display colour, refresh rate, contrast ratio, etc. 

The projectors are being highly rated off and offer great value for the money spent. Major brands who are there in the market for days are considered we can stand by every option selected. The projectors were selected by an expert team of professionals to come up with the best. Pick one and experience it yourself.

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