Best H11 Bulb 2020 [Buying Guide And FAQs]

Well, even the thought of driving alone in the dark of night is quite scary. Now, imagine a scenario where you get partially blinded by the bright lights of the car in front of you. Chilling, isn’t it? Likewise, a few seconds of darkness inside your own car can be quite terrifying. Why put yourself through so much trouble when you can simply change your bulbs?

In such a scenario, the car owners opt for cheaper bulbs as an alternative. Now these low-priced bulbs do function for a certain period of time; however, they may not work the way the original ones did and you might end up in the afore-mentioned situations.

In this article, we have brought to you some of the best H11 bulbs along with a much required buying guide. Choose the one that meets your requirement and no more be worried about facing any terrifying situation.


Hikari V1-H11 – Shining H11 Bulb

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  • Source of power: CREE LED bit
  • Lumens: 6000
  • Temperature of the color: 6000k

If the range of the brightness is the main concern for you then, a pair of Hikari H11 lamps would be your best deal. 

Each of these bulbs is manufactured by the Philips-Lumileds Luxeon Z ES Company using the technology of the CREE LED. Hikari bulbs generate a massive 6000-lumen power because of the presence of this technology.

So to conclude, each pair generates a massive brightness of 6000 lumens, making it 12000 lumens for the couple that enables these to be the top in the list for H11 bulbs. 

The price might be on the higher end, but the company offers two years of warranty that ensures you that driving in the dark will not be worrisome anymore.   

Hikari introduced the technology of Lumiled in the designs of the bulbs to make sure that the light beam that gets produced falls on the smaller areas. It helps to cut down the presence of hard streaks hence cutting down on the chances of accidents.

At times you may face radio interference while using LED bulbs from other manufacturers. With this bulb, you have nothing of that kind to worry about as they come with a feature called anti-radio intervention.In our recent article, we have also shared best all season tires & radar detectors just in case if believe in driving at speed.


  • High-density lumen output
  • Made with Lumiled technology 
  • Anti-radio intervention


  • High-priced

Philips 12362VPB2 Purchase button

  • Source of power: Halogen
  • Lumens: unspecified
  • Temperature of color: 3300K

Philips’ VisionPlus H11 lamps are built to give crystal vision during the dark. It generates 60% light more than that of Phillips H11 standard lamps.

They are pretty much economical and are brighter than their competitors. They are easy to install which makes them the finest halogen H11 lamps available to the market.

They generate 3300K of colour temperature, and the yellow ray emitted by them makes them ideal to be used as smog lights. Moreover, they can further be used as low and high beam head bulbs, making them multifaceted.

Each bulb has a power consumption level of 55 Watts, which is almost the double of the output of the LED bulbs. Therefore, after turning your car off, you must be careful not to keep the headlights on and also not to keep it on before switching the car on.


  • Much brighter as compared to its competitors
  • Affordable, well under the budget
  • Ideal to be used as fog lights, and also high and low beam lights 


  • Tends to consume a high energy

Auxbeam 88621846 – Turbo Cooled H11 Bulb

Auxbeam 9005 LED Headlights F-S2 Series with 2Pcs 9005 HB3 H10 9145 LED Headlight Bulbs Conversion Kits 72W 8000LM Super Bright COB Led Chips Fog Light Single Beam

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  • Source of power: CREE LED bit
  • Lumens: 3000
  • Temperature of color: 6000K

Auxbeam’s H11 bulbs stand out of the box due to their golden color, which gives them valuable exposure and makes them look royal.

A Cooling turbofan is fixed on the back of the bulbs, which is an impressive feature and allows the bulbs from exceeding 150-degree Celsius of temperature.

Each bulb offers a brightness of three thousand lumens, hence giving you a total of 6000 lumens of output. Moreover, 30 Watt high powered LED chips are placed inside.

At the same time, they can generate a 6000K colour temperature illumination beam, which is exceptionally white but can be turned down to avoid glares to the incoming light.

Built wise, the bulbs have an aluminium aircraft grade frame that is resistant to corrosion and oxidation, thereby preventing them from being damaged when open to intense heat and humidity, which is natural during their application.

The entire lights and cooling system is controlled by the motive force control of the bulbs, which holds everything in place to make sure the light sample quality is the clearest. If you drive with your family often you could also check our review of best car seats for children so that they don’t frighten and seat comfortability in car. 


  • High lumen output 
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistant gold aluminium frame 
  • Faster cooling ventilator to regulate operating temperatures 
  • Features a manipulated motive force to control all operations and hold the whole lot in view of.


  • Cooling ventilator makes it noisy
  • May not fit in all H11 slot headlights because of the space the cooling fan occupies

Sylvania H11SU.BP2 – Brightest H11 Halogen Bulb 

SYLVANIA - H11 SilverStar Ultra - High Performance

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  • Source of power: Halogen
  • Lumens: 1345
  • Temperature of color: 4000K

Sylvania is a global leader in OEM and aftermarket automotive lights. The business enterprise has been in operation for over a hundred years, and has perfected the art of making high quality H11 Bulbs.

That being said, the Silverstar ultra-high-performance units are designed to be the brightest H11 halogen bulbs in the market, and this is achieved by the use of patented tri-band technology that helps provide the most radiant beam (1345 lumens) as compared to other halogen bulbs. 

The Silverstar revolutionary-high-performance components are designed to be the best H11 halogen lamps in the market, using the tri-band copyright technology to provide the blazing beam (1345 lumens) as compared to other halogen bulbs.

It also has a dedicated designed fiber wrapped in a gas mixture. The only drawback is that, relative to other halogen bulbs, this light bulb has a very short lifespan and the cost is on the higher end.


  • Tri-band coating that is patented
  • Halogen gas patented combination for intense visibility
  • High performance components used


  • Lifespan is too short (rated at 125 hours).
  • Overpriced

Philips Ultinon LED H8

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  • Source of power: Halogen
  • Lumens: 1200
  • Temperature of color: 3400K

Philips H11 headlight bulbs are halogen bulbs that use significantly more power than their LED counterparts. It comes in pairs, rated at 55 Watts each. Be cautious to switch them off before turning off the vehicle or it could kill the battery relatively quickly.

Halogen bulbs are very cheap to manufacture, nevertheless, which transforms into a less costly commodity. These are also quite easy to set up, allowing them the best substitute H11 bulbs on this list as well as the top-rated H11 bulbs.

These lights are intended to produce a lumen output of 3400 K as far as color production is concerned, which is perfect for fog illumination.

In such conditions, most people equate the yellow color of these reduced color temperatures with short durations and can easily fit the fog light profile.

It is recommendable to avoid touching the glass with your bare hands during setup. When cleaning them, either use a paper sponge or gloves. When done correctly, they will last in service for at least 300 hours.


  • Cheap
  • Installation is easy
  • The colour temperature of 3400 K gives your headlights a bright, antique look perfect for fog lighting


  • Short service life
  • Uses high power

Cougar Motor 5823968041 – Longest Lasting H11 Bulb

Cougar Motor LED Headlight Bulbs All-in-One Conversion Kit - H11 (H8, H9) -10000Lm 6000K Cool White CREE

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  • Source of power: CREE LED processors
  • Lumens: 1200
  • Temperature of color: 5000K

Cougar Motor H11 bulbs are fitted with massive quality CREE LED processors protected in a water and dirt proof casing that, in combination with its specially built ASIC technology, enhances their longevity to more than 60,000 hours. 

The LED processors generate 1200 watts of white 5000 K ambient light. So this color temperature offers you a kind of daylight brightness that is effective in both fog and normal low light conditions for visibility.

Design-wise, the lens is fitted with a strong fluorescence optical lens all over, focusing all the illumination via the headlight bulb from the 8 LEDs (2 at each side) in the front. 

The light from its front LEDs on the front reaches a condensing lens that concentrates the light to a smaller level, giving you greater visibility and has a more focused beam. It makes it among the market’s best H11 power. 

Other elements have a durable aluminum alloy frame that works as a capacitor to subside all the heat produced by that of the LEDs, allowing them to operate at optimum Temperature. 


  • Produces a perfect 5000 K light, suitable for the dark and fog penetration
  • Includes a lens condensing the beam to a smaller area
  • Water and dirt proof
  • The lifetime of 60,000 hours


  • Low quality of lumen (brightness)

Alla Lighting 5823968038 – Energy Efficient H11 Bulb

 Alla Lighting Mini FL-BH H13 9008 LED Headlight Bulbs

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  • Source of power: CREE LED processors
  • Lumens: 1600
  • Temperature of color: 6000K

Although you might argue that power in cars is limitless, reducing battery drain is still excellent, and this pairing has by far the most potent circuitry that only absorbs 8.5 watts. It allows them to be one of the better bulbs in the H11 LED.

This system comprises of four frontal 5-Watt strong-powered LEDs channeling their energy into a refractive lens filter, directing the light into a narrow beam.

The device has 3 LEDs (totaling to 12) on every one of the four sides, which are protected by a strongly refractive optic lens projecting the light externally against the headlight diffuser at an angled output of 360o. This light is then directed forward by the reflector, praising its front LEDs for creating a narrow beam.

The outcome is a targeted output of 1600 lumens at a color temperature of 6000 K by each bulb. 

The LEDs generate some heat while in use, and the bulb is designed by an aluminum frame that functions as a capacitor to drain away this heat, thus increasing the bulb’s lifetime. 

It is also waterproof, helping to make it all the more sturdy as it can withstand the presence of droplets of water within the headlight.


  • LEDs are energy-efficient
  • Multiple LEDs for stable light output at the front and sides
  • The aluminum frame dispels the heat generated by both the LEDs
  • Waterproof build


  • Bright, but not so far projected light
  • May flicker after a while of use

Agptek APH11 – Cheapest H11 Bulb

AGPTEK H11 Halogen Headlight Bulb, Foglight PGJ19-2 12V/55W 4800K, 2 Pack

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  • Source of power: Halogen
  • Lumens: 1150
  • Temperature of color: 4800k

This halogen bulb on this list has the weakest lumen output that suggests it isn’t very bright. But, in this study, these are the most economical product, and you get what you billed for. 

Besides that, it has a few pretty decent attributes. A 4800 K lumen output beam is produced, for example, which is quite similar to natural daylight. It means you get a kind of lighting that’s almost like daylight when you run at night.

In misty situations, this daylight shade is very pleasurable, allowing these bulbs ideal for replacing fog light. These can be used on the bikes fitted with the same port and connectors, making them flexible. 

The units are made of a specially designed filament that is quite long-lasting in terms of durability. They are indeed E4 accredited, which ensures they have undergone many tests of safety and efficiency to show their potency. 


  • Economical
  • Suitable for the nebulous atmosphere
  • Flexible in terms of application
  • Robust functioning


  • Low output of lumen

Auto feel S9 H11 COB – High Color Temperature H11 Bulb 

9005/HB3 LED Headlight Bulbs Hi/Lo Beam Conversion Kit, Autofeel S9 series Super Bright CSP chips LED Automotive Headlamp 6000K Xenon White (2 Pack)

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  • Source of power: COB LED processor
  • Lumens: 3500
  • Temperature of color: 6500K

Autofeel’s H11 bulbs are produced using the latest COB LED chip technology that offers a steady lumen output (3500) and quite a lengthy service duration (over 50,000 hours). It means that from each bulb, you get a combination of 7000 Watts, which is a rather intense light beam. 

Besides, a bright white 6500 K lumen output beam is created by the LEDs, making the car look very elegant and glamorous. The Temperature of color is exceptionally bright, offering excellent visibility throughout the dark. 

The whole frame of the filament is made of aircraft aluminum grade, which is very efficient at thermal dissipation.

The cooling fins often consist of the same content that provides a greater surface area from outside to stay away from the heat produced.

Longevity is also included in the nature of the bulb. It is resistant to salt, oxidation, and corrosion, and this contributes significantly to its length of service life. 


  • Long service life
  • Robust generation of the lumen
  • High color temperature 
  • Aluminum frame structure resistant to salt, oxidation, and corrosion, making it quite reliable and robust


  • Big cooling fans make its back long and therefore can’t fit into all the headlights of the car


Driving on the road late at night can be scary enough in itself. Yet when one becomes partially blinded by another driver’s headlights on a dimly lit road, this task can become even more terrifying. Likewise, the few seconds of darkness when one turns on his own lights off for another driver aren’t the most comfortable!

 One would never want a friend or family member to put themselves in danger like this on the road, so granting themselves the same luxury by starting to look for new bulbs is the way forward.


LIFE EXPECTANCY – With LED and HID lights, you get a much longer lasting bulb than other technologies. This means you don’t have to replace them nearly as often, saving you money.

PERFORMANCE – Factory headlights can be weak and inconsistent. H11 bulbs use advanced technology to maximize performance and enhance visibility. 

VERSATILITY – Many vehicles use different types of bulbs for their high beams, low lights, and fog lights. Some H11 lights can be used in any of these capacities and come with installation kits. 

AESTHETICS – Long gone are the days where headlamps are merely for night driving. Today’s LED headlights can completely change the exterior look of your vehicle.

Buying a headlight bulb doesn’t come as a topic to one’s head unless either the car has gone through an accident and the headlights are devastated or the headlights are too old to work properly. The reason being once car manufacturers install headlights on new cars, they are high-quality enough to last really long. Once they stop working or give minimal performance, generally people look for headlights which are cheap and do no pay major focus on their features.

These cheap headlights will surely work but they may not prove to be a good choice when performance is considered. So, considering the long run, it is always preferable to select the best headlight by considering all the important features. Choosing the most suitable one helps improve one’s night-time driving experience as well. Below is a guide to buy H11 headlight bulbs.


The first and foremost thing that must be considered before buying bulbs for one’s car headlight is its compatibility with the car. Compatibility involves features such as fittings, size, etc. Other features include H11 plug and the correct measurements. For example, in some bulbs, a large portion on the outside is occupied by cooling fans or, some bulbs have cooling fans that might not allow fastening fittings to fit around the bulb as they are installed in the headlight socket.

Checking the compatibility with one’s car is very important otherwise one may land up wasting money on something that doesn’t even fit.


The next most important thing to be considered after a headlight bulb’s compatibility is its brightness level. Measured in lumens, it is obvious to select a bright bulb than a dim one. The best H11 bulb that one should go for is the one with highest lumen output. This will light up the paths and road better than those with lesser lumen output as one drives at night. Any advantage comes with disadvantages too. Choosing the brightest bulbs for one’s headlights can cause greater glaring effect for the incoming traffic and this might result into a potential cause for road accidents.

A way out for this contradiction is to buy bulbs with technologies that focus light beam on a smaller area as opposed to lighting up a greater or entire area in front of the car using controllable light rays.


The light’s color is also an important feature to be considered before buying an H11 Headlight bulb. The measure of a light’s color is determined by the color temperature of the bulb. Below are the different temperatures available in headlight bulbs.

  • 3000K-4500K – This color temperature gives light in yellow color. This yellow color of the headlight bulb is associated with fog lights because supposedly, the longer wavelength of yellow light is better at penetrating fog particles. Thus, lamps having a color temperature in the range 3000K-4000K are the best H11 fog light bulbs. However, white light can also be used as fog light as white light contains all colors including yellow light.
  • 4500K-5000K – As we increase the temperature, light becomes white. Bulbs with color temperature of 5000K produce a natural white light which is very similar to the natural light from the sun. As such, this light is less harmful to the eyes as our eyes are habituated to see the natural white light from the sun.
  • 5200K-5800K – Lamps producing light in the range 5200K-5800K produce the pure white color light. It does not have the lightest tint of blue or yellow color. As such, lamps producing light in this range show up objects on the road in their true colors.
  • 6000K and above – Lamps producing light in the range 6000K and above produce white light with some blue tints which makes it a cool white color. Many people prefer this color temperature range for their headlights as this gives their car a luxurious and futuristic look.

Different color temperatures have advantages and drawbacks of their own. No color temperature can be said entirely better than the other. So, the choice for this feature is solely based on personal preference.


LED and Halogen are the two main technologies used in the manufacturing of H11 light bulbs.

Although halogen bulbs have the major advantage of being light on the economic side, LED lamps are basically brighter, more energy efficient, produce less heat and last longer than halogen bulbs. Consecutively, most people are switching to LED headlamps.

Thus, if someone’s priority is saving money, he can go for the halogen bulbs. Otherwise, if affordable, LED lamps are the best option to have.

So, if one had to choose between the dazzling products sold to him in this buying guide, which one would he trust to guide him out of a dark patch? It would just have to be SEALIGHT’S H11 Headlight Bulbs. The cool white color these light bulbs emanate, will allow a driver to see so much better when driving at night. And unlike other bulbs, they will be working to their full potential in 0.1 quick seconds. Their simple plug-and-play design and waterproof design allows them to be convenient when setting up and in harsh conditions. And if one is not satisfied, he can simply exchange these bulbs within the first twelve months with no hassle guaranteed – SEALIGHT are open 24/7 to deliver exceptional customer service.


Question: WHAT IS AN H11 BULB?

  • Answer: An H11 bulb is one of the highest quality models one can fit in his car. They are classified as Group 1 car bulbs, meaning that they can be used as headlight and tail lights to brighten up the road. If one is often on the road at night, the fantastic illumination provided by these bulbs will see them through even the foggiest drives.


  • Answer: The best H11 bulb available today is made by OPT7. This premium headlight bulb uses unique technologies to differentiate itself from the competition. Fluxbeam bulbs use arc glass technology, a dual speed turbo fan, and an ultra-efficient chip.


  • Answer: Make sure to read your vehicle’s manual properly. It will be mentioned in the manual whether or not your vehicle is compatible with the H11 Bulbs.  However, make sure to look into the details. In the United Nations, the bulbs are categorized into three groups. For example, the first group consists of both H11 and H7 and your car’s manual will only mention the group number. But H11 and H7 Bulbs are completely different in the lookout. A vehicle that may accommodate H7 Bulbs might not accommodate H11 bulbs. Hence, choose your bulb wisely.


  • Answer: Well, it is absolutely of no use if you spend a great deal of money only to be bereft of the services in the short run. The performance of the bulbs surely depends on a large number of factors and will mostly depend on how you use it. But, make sure to check the life of the bulbs before you buy them. Remember, to switch off these bulbs before you kill your engine, otherwise it will degrade the battery life.


  • Answer: This is one of the most important questions which come to the mind of the vehicle owners. The wattage of the car is basically the power needed to power up the headlights of the vehicle. A lower wattage means a lower brightness of the bulbs. Well, the average wattage is 55 Watt. If the wattage rating of the bulb that you wish to buy is somewhat same or is more than it, then surely consider buying this bulb for your vehicle.


Although H11 bulbs are wondrously bright, one has to make the sacrifice between light output and light at some point. The average longevity of a halogen headlight bulb is usually between 450 and 1000 hours. Yet if one buys an LED bulb, some can survive up to an impressive 50,000 hours.

With numerous manufacturers launching new types of lamps every day to the market, it is very difficult as a customer to select the best option. Moreover, if anyone is going for this replacement for the first time, it becomes more difficult for him. Every manufacturer will be claiming that their product is the best. As such, the only option left for the customer is to trust them and get the best one according to them and later on discover whether it is good or not.

The above few points work as a guide to help buy the best H11 Headlight Bulb according to one’s needs and feature requirements. This review will help one settle down on the best bulb for his headlight that will improve his night time driving experience.

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