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Best Gas Stoves to Buy in India 2017 [Details Review & Huge Discount]

The Indian homes are always busy in cooking food for their families and the housewife never leaves a chance to make her family happy when it comes to food. All the food which you love to eat in your homes is made on gas stoves and to be precise, gas stoves are the main thing which a typical Indian would cook on.

Having one of the very best gas stoves has become an important thing just because of the reason that a good gas stove is always safe, secure and provides better mobility with a great performance.

Times even come when you have to change your top gas stove for a better one and if you are ahead of this plan to buy a new one, then for sure would you have to do some research on buying the best gas stove for your home.

Well, it may seem a bit difficult for you to find information about each kind of gas stove, but if you are about to buy a new one, then we have provided this list of best gas stoves to buy in India review in 2017.

How to buy the best gas stove for your needs

  • Supported ignition kind, you’ll keep company with either manual ignition or automatic ignition.Gas stoves with manual ignition ought to be manually lighted up by a match or a lighter. However, the automatic ignition models get lighted up simply by turning on the knob.
  • Make certain the spacing between the burners is enough for change of state with the utensils at the same time like a cooker.
  • Check the position of the gas pipe body of water whether or not it’ll be approachable from your cylinder.
  • Confirm that the knobs area unit sleek operative and don’t stand still in same position.
  • Make certain all the burners will light at the same time.
  • Do make certain the kitchen range is ISI certified and has the ISI mark.

Kind of gas stoves are there to buy?

Buying a gas stove is a good plan for a perfect home and according to your need, you can buy the gas stoves easily. There are mostly 4 kinds of gas stoves available in india:

  • 1 Burner
  • 2 Burner
  • 3 Burner
  • 4 Burner

So, let us move on and get you introduced to some of the very best gas stoves to buy in India gas stove brands and prices.

Reviews of Best Gas Stove in India 2017

 OUR PICKSunflame Crystal 4B Bk 4 Burner – Black Gas Stove

In this section we will see the sunflame 4 burner gas stove review.Crystal 4B is the sunflames best gas stove brands in india.This gas stove for your kitchens which will never disappoint you in any case.Sunflame is the one of leading best 4 burner gas stove category.

After the Prestige gas stove, Sunflame is documented complete and wide accepted complete in cooking stove. Sunflame Crystal 4B Bk is 4 burner cooking stove with black glass high and its quite sturdy style and toughened glass on high. It gets you monetary unit coated pan supports with stainless-steel drip trays.

Sunflame Crystal 4B Bk 4 Burner – Black Gas Stove

The drip trays are powder coated with flat solid base and it has a manual ignition which really won’t be a big issue.This gas stove has two little burners of 65mm and a pair of huge burners with 90mm.Sunflame too provides two years of assurance on this cooking stove. It has a weight of 10 kg, bit significant than prestige’s four burner cooking stove. Though, it is less priced than the other one. Knobs provide on this stove has been designed well, straightforward to control.So if you are looking for the best 4 burner gas stove for home or restaurant use then this should be your choice.

Prestige Marvel Glass Top Gas Stove

yet Another, Leading kitchen appliance maker bringing to you the best 4 burner gas stove in india.If you’re able to compromise with style and appearance (not with the performance), and solely wish to travel with status stove, here is an alternative choice for you. Compared to status other gas stoves which you know about, this model has very less cost as compared to other gas stoves in India.

Though, they don’t compromise with performance. This stove too has four burners, glass prime table however not in twin color and it has a single color (black) glass on prime and four totally different burners with separate pan support.It’s is the most affordable auto ignition gas stove in india.Although glass top gas stove has disadvantages and advantage but that are mostly vary depend upon the kitchen conditions and cooking types.

Prestige Marvel Glass Gas Table, 4 Burner Black

The burners utilized in this stove are of prime quality, known as tri-pin burners. The knobs for gas controls are ergonomically designed quite enticing, straightforward to use and quite sleek and the opposite part of the stove is created of chrome steel, quite robust and solid and that makes this stove bit significant.

Its weight is around some 11kgs. Though, Prestige provides 2 years of warranty with this stove also. So, if you are looking for one of the best gas stoves, here is the one for you.

Pigeon Blackline Smart Gas Stove

Pigeon is one one of the best 3 burner gas stove in india.Pigeon Blackline Smart Gas Stove has been widely accepted in entry level gas cooker.It is actually a two burner gas cooker, with glass high and also the glass is formed of distinctive toughened glass.

It has a new spill proof style and high thermal potency which offers it full marks in style and performance. The knobs are simple, quite completely different in look. It has a black glass on the highest, well finished and a pair of burners has distinctive designed pan moreover. It is quite simple to wash, and quite light-weight weight product of simply half dozen weight unit.

Pigeon by Stovekraft Blackline Smart 3 Burner Gas Stove

It occupies terribly less house on your room, and that’s pretty smart. Though, this gas cooker has no ISI mark, that isn’t smart, not expected. Though, two years of guarantee from this company is nice enough to require care of free maintenance. It genuinely is a long sturdy product with high style.

Pigeon 3 Burner Black Line Cook Top Stove

In the three burner class, here is our greatest alternative, from Pigeon company itself as it has a sensible believability in household appliance, and particularly in range.

This gas stove range from Pigeon is one amongst the foremost reasonable range, with glass prime. It has black color glass prime, that is in fact appearance sensible however provides correct made feeling furthermore.

If you have got any color of background in room, this range can match it anyway. Though, solely 2 burners are main, one burner can’t take serious vessels weight, solely ok for little vessels.

Pigeon too provides two years of assurance on this range and three burners are often sensible for four-person family; it helps you to arrange food quickly and it has a manual ignition mode, you would like to own sensible gas lighter.

Pigeon by Stovekraft Favourite 3 burner Black Line Cook Top stove


Pigeon Ultra Class SS Manual Gas Stove (4 Burners)

One among the foremost mentioned gas stoves, this gas stove is considered to have quite better things than what you would see in the other ones. Genuinely, it is the second best gas stove in India. Talking about the quality, you really won’t have any kind of complaints with this gas stove and it has 4 burners which would be of great assistance for your daily cooking. It comes with a manual gas ignition, so keep on the lighters ready in order to light it up whenever you have to. It has a body material which is made up of glass and stainless steel with anti-skid rubber feet which really won’t be any kind of issue to you while you are cooking. It even has a high grade aluminum tube and along with that, you get a two years’ warranty on this product from Pigeon which truly is something which you can’t ignore and proves to be of great importance in the long run of this gas stove.


Prestige Marvel Glass 2 Burners Gas Stove

Prestige Marvel the best 2 burner gas stove in our list of best gas stove review.This here is quite similar to the first product from Prestige which we shared here with you, but the only difference lies in the burners as this one has 2 burners and the previous one had 4 burners.

This gas stove has high efficiency in tri-pin burners and works on manual ignition, so that way you are required to keep a burner around always, like a lighter.

This gas stove is also the same as the previous one as the burners utilized in this stove are of prime quality, known as tri-pin burners.

The knobs for gas controls are ergonomically designed quite enticing, straightforward to use and quite sleek and the opposite part of the stove is created of chrome steel, quite robust and solid and that makes this stove bit significant.

Its weight is also quite less and though Prestige provides two years of warranty with this stove also. So, if you are looking for one of the best 2 burner gas stoves, this one should be on your list.

Glen GL 1043 GT 4 Burner Gas Stove

The Glen GL 1043 GT 4 Burner Gas Stove is quite similar to most of the gas stoves which we have shared here as you will easily be able to enjoy its awesome features with a glassware cooktop perfect for every kind of utensil and along with that, there is a manual ignition too.

This gas stove has a rich metal steel body which you would have no issue with and if you are looking for that one rigid and tough gas stove which is able to bail out any kind of temperature and other kinds of environment, then this here is the perfect gas stove option for you genuinely.

It even has 4 burners which is the best for you to cook multiple things at once and along with that, it has great rubber supporting pads for your convenience. About this too, we would say that if you are looking for one of the best 4 burner gas stoves with steel body, here is the one for you.



The Prestige GTM has a black glass top which you will really be convenient with in the long run of your homemade dishes and cooking.

Prestige GTM 03L is 3 burner gas stove yet the great thing about these burners is that all are the same and all can handle the same amount of weight and perform the same kind of works, not like one holds a different kind of utensil and the second one other.

This gas stove also has high efficiency tri pin burners which are of great quality. It even has pan support for tandoori which means that you will be able to make those dishes easily at home.

Coming to the last thing about this gas stove, it comes with a two-year warranty from Prestige which actually is quite better for a product which is priced at a much decent price.If you are looking for same size 3 burner gas stove then i must go for this model.



Pigeon Troika Glass Ceramic 3 Burner Gas Stove

The best thing about this Pigeon 3 burner Gas Stove is that it has got the rustproof body which no other gas stoves usually have, but the Pigeon Company is way too ahead in these kind of things.

Pigeon Troika glass is the manual ignition 3 burner gas stove which allows you to keep a lighter or a matchbox handy, not any other kind of ignition which burns automatically.

It has tri pun brass burners which always ensure even flame distribution and allow your utensils to cook finely without burning them on the edges or providing excessive flame.

This gas stove has also the rotary knobs for better control and along with that, rubber legs which you will feel your utensils to have on more comfortable.

Along with all this, you will really love having this gas stove at your homes and keeping it running on for a long time in your homes.


Pigeon Blackline Smart Gas Stove, 2 Burner

This gas stove has BS rotatory knob with a great body and finely crafted and manufactured stainless steel body with a glass coating on the top which ensures that you don’t face any kind of scratches or other type of things along with stains on this gas stove.

This gas stove also has a manual ignition which allows you to keep a lighter or a matchbox handy, not any other kind of ignition which burns automatically.

Along with that, you will get a two years warranty from Pigeon on this gas stove just because it is quite better and is expected to perform even better.If you have 2 burger requirement with steel body structure the pigeon blackline is the best 2 burner manual ignition steel body gas stove in india.

How to purchase Best gas stove online in India?

In India there are a lot of offers you will get on gas stove. However, there are a few qualities you have to check while purchasing a decent gas stove, and for that, you can easily go through the below mentioned featured which you should take care about.In below section we also try to answer the which gas stove is better prestige or sunflame?

  • Body: – The most recent kind of gas stove utilizes glass metal body. While some shoddy value gas stove still gives stainless steel body.Glass beat body is great, looks great, light weight and gives rich look. Like most of the Prestige gas stoves here, it looks great has 4 burner choice too.
  • Burner: – From single burner to five burner gas stove alternatives are accessible in advertise and abundantly available, but it is important to choose the best one. It relies totally upon you as the amount you have to utilize your gas stove. Like on the off chance that you have 4 membered family, and have less time to cook, you require least 4 burner gas stove without a doubt. Or, on the other hand on the off chance that you are only 2 individuals, 2 or 3 burner gas stove is great. Pigeon Blackline Smart Gas Stove is great choice in 2 burner gas stove. Or, on the other hand you can likewise check 3 burner gas stove cost also.
  • Weight: – Your gas stove must be light in weight. In this way, you can without much of a stretch move it, can pull up to clean beneath gas stove zone (on the off chance that it gets messy). Pigeon most loved 3 burner Black Line Cook Top stove has just 7 KG of weight, which can be effectively moved with single hand.
  • Guarantee: – Though, gas stoves are shoddy in cost and durable. On the off chance that you get it standard administration, you can utilize it for lifetime with no issue. Dissimilar to Induction cook best stoves, its continue working for lifetime. In any case, it is always great to have great item guarantee, do look at item guarantee.


Firstly, in this best gas stoves review, we are not self-promoting any of the products here. We just want you to have a good info of anything which you are planning to buy, just because of the reason that most of the people buy expensive products and at the end of the day, they just regret because the product doesn’t match with their needs.

We don’t want it to happen with you and thus have provided so much info on all these best gas stoves. Secondly, if you are trying and planning to buy a gas stove, don’t go just for the cheap ones as most of the times, they won’t be better in the long run.

Read every feature properly and do some research and buy best gas stove which you feel is worthy of the money you will be spending over it.

So, this was our honest top gas stoves review available in india which you could surely take into consideration and look ahead for buying. Go ahead, choose the best one for yourself and buy it right away without thinking twice so that your cooking becomes even more better and finer.

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