Best Bluetooth Portable Speakers For Every Budget

There are many different types of speakers available on the market today, but few are as convenient and versatile as Bluetooth speakers.

They have a variety of uses, especially when it comes to music. This article will discuss how you can choose the best speaker for your needs.

Our Top Picks For The Best Bluetooth Portable Speakers

Features to Look for in Your Bluetooth Speaker

Why do you need a Bluetooth speaker?

If you want to play music while working on your laptop, cooking, or just hanging out by the pool, then you will need some way of playing music. The best portable speakers connect wirelessly over Bluetooth so that you don’t have any hardware cords to get in the way.

Water Resistant Speakers.

Water-resistant speakers are usually great for outdoor use. They have a rubberized housing that repels water and is waterproof, so you can take these speakers to the beach or pool without worrying about moisture damage or sand getting in. A good example of a water-resistant speaker is the JBL Charge 3.

Speaker Connectivity.

If you are buying a Bluetooth speaker, then it is safe to assume that you are probably going to use it with your smartphone or tablet at some point.

You should always check the compatibility of the speakers before you buy them so that you can enjoy all of their features. You don’t want to buy a speaker that is incompatible with your devices.

Bluetooth Range.

Most Bluetooth speakers have a range of about 33 feet, which is usually fine in-home or office environments. You should be aware that this range can vary depending on the materials around the speaker and any other electronic devices nearby. For example, you will probably get a better range if you place the speaker near a window or some other opening in your home.

Audio Quality.

Most Bluetooth speakers have pretty similar audio quality. If you are going to use your Bluetooth speaker for anything more than casual listening, then you should look into a higher-end model that has a dedicated subwoofer and more advanced analog circuitry. Some good examples of high-end speakers are the JBL Xtreme 2 and the Bose SoundLink Revolve.

10 Best portable bluetooth speakers

1. Creative iRoar Intelligent Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The Creative iRoar is one of the best Bluetooth speakers out there and as a whole has been featured in digital audio merchandise since the earliest days of laptop sound cards. Creative’s SoundBlaster was nearly omnipresent because the device that brought music and sound effects to PCs.

The iRoar definitely lives up to the present gift, being a feature-packed Bluetooth speaker ready to hook up with nearly something and providing nice sound in massive quantities. Its skill permits the iRoar to face out from the pack together of the most effective Bluetooth speakers.

In addition to Bluetooth and NFC, the iRoar has a small USB, 3.5mm, and optical audio ports. There’s even a microSD card slot for your assistance so that you can play all your songs without having to connect to any device and is supported by an inbuilt media player.

A mike (purchased separately) connects with the iRoar via Bluetooth, primarily turning the device into a miniature public address system.

Bluetooth and NFC handle wireless properties, the USB affiliation will charge external devices, and therefore the optical connecter permits pairing with recreation systems like a soundbars or surround audio system. 

This is often under no circumstances that we see a connection between most Bluetooth speakers and the iRoar is powerful enough to truly improve upon several soundbars.

There’s a secret lurking beneath the iRoar, within the type of an adjunct connecter. The iRoar guarantees future package and hardware growth.

One in every of the primary merchandise on the block is that the iRoar Rock subwoofer dock, which can use the connecter to enhance upon the already extraordinary sound of the year. All this puts the iRoar as 1st on this list of the most effective Bluetooth speakers.


  • Many affiliation choices and controller apps
  • Very powerful sound offers high volume and low distortion
  • Has its own package development kit to assist platform development.
  • Offers expandability


  • Too advanced for those seeking simplicity
  • A bit over-priced.

2. Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 Phantom Wireless Mobile Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof and Shockproof)

There won’t be a single time when you don’t expect bass from these Bluetooth speakers. Solely seven inches long and a couple of inches in diameter, Ultimate Ears still delivers simply the best voice and sound.

This artifact and rubber mini-tower of sound could be a marvel of low-frequency madness, quite an accomplishment for such a little package.

The Boom 2 is rugged, and although it won’t do abundant smart given the approaching sound travels underwater, this speaker is rated for up to half-hour submerged at a depth of 1 meter.

In alternative words, it is waterproof! daily at the beach isn’t solely potential, however nearly invited. Rest assured, there’s enough volume during this device to bother fellow beachgoers. Onboard controls are less satisfying, unfortunately. There aren’t several to talk of, and therefore the working technique isn’t terribly reliable.

Massive and minus signs on the aspect of the speaker management volume. This isn’t a haul if your management music from your smartphone or tab, however.

There’s an app granting configuration management, even allowing pairing with a second Boom 2 of. There’s solely a 3.5mm jack for physical connections.

The small USB jack won’t charge your phone, however, it permits up to fifteen hours of music playback before requiring its own recharge. Don’t expect a mike hole, however, the Boom 2 handles phone duties. It additionally pairs with NFC devices. Overall, the Boom 2 is certainly one of every of the most effective Bluetooth speakers.


  • Big Bass in an exceedingly tiny, waterproof package
  • Waterproof
  • Improved sound over the first Boom
  • EQ, alarm, and stereo pairing potential with Boom app for iOS and Android


  • Navigation controls unreliable

3. FUGOO Tough – Portable, Waterproof, Rugged Bluetooth Wireless Go Anywhere Speaker

The Fugoo uses a two-part system. The core is that the business finish, although alone it is not too good. There are 3 choices for the shell; vogue, Sport, and Tough. The unit ships with a mode cowl in your alternative of colors. the game and hard jackets offer a lot of protection, at a further value.

Of course, the appearance of this speaker is of no concern once it’s time fortunes. The Fugoo puts out a deceptive quantity of sound given the modest size of the package.

It packs six speakers into the core, being used all to a nice result. With a lot of balanced sound than the Boom 2 of, the Fugoo puts out nice bass.

At 0.5 volume, the reversible battery can last a tremendous forty hours. At easy lay volume, that’s halved, although still so much on top of average.

Just like the final Ears, the Fugoo is waterproof. The property is nice, as well. A 3.5mm jack accepts external sound supplies that can’t link via Bluetooth, and a small USB port provides charging power.

The Fugoo doesn’t have NFC capability, however, that puts it slightly below the previous one.

Those that like vogue could rate it higher, however, performance is nearly identical. The controls on the Fugoo are somewhat a lot of reliable. and minus signs once more management volume, but, in reference to a middle button, they additionally do song navigation duty.

The middle button will answer calls or activate Siri and Google currently, looking on your smartphone. The Fugoo isn’t any device to hop over if you’re probing for one in every of the most effective Bluetooth speakers.


  • Choice of look
  • Well balanced sound
  • Excellent volume-to-size performance
  • Great battery life for a transportable unit


  • No NFC capability

3. Sony SRSXB3/BLK Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth (Black)

A bit larger than the previous speakers, the SRS-XB3 has serious substance, whereas still being moveable. This device additionally puts out satisfying bass in an exceedingly tiny package. If you’re not cranking 100% volume, you’ll be able to get pleasure from twenty-four hours of battery life on one charge. Whereas not prepared for a visit to the pool, the SRS-XB3 is splash-proof thus an unexpected shower at the beach isn’t any massive deal.

Once it involves some more usages, the SRS-XB3 is obvious jane, direct, however is on the market in black, blue, or red.

The SRS-XB3 uses its own power adapter for recharging and includes a USB port for enhancing smartphone batteries. However, the device doesn’t ship with cables, thus you’ll have to be compelled to purchase them individually.

Bound audio uses the quality 3.5mm audio jack. All jacks are hidden behind a place on the rear panel.

Song navigation isn’t supported on the SRS-XB3 itself, forcing users to navigate via their music devices, that isn’t any deal-breaker, given it has the most users among the most popular technique anyway. Controls are on the highest panel within the rear right corner.

Power, volume, Bluetooth, and NFC pairing, and phone buttons handle the fundamentals. The additional Bass button provides simply that, boosting the already-impressive bottom finish to exaggerated booty-shaking levels, associated an Add button permits connecting with another SRS-XB3.

The power adapter additionally serves the SRS-XB3 well for in-home use, and battery life becomes a state, however, there’s an automatic ending feature to save lots of power once the unit is inactive. Although moveable, the SRS-XB3’s style aesthetic fits shelf placement, giving it nice home and away from quality.


  • Versatile Bluetooth speaker with smart properties and nice sound
  • Bass boost for those into rumble prepared music
  • Rubber surfaces for fastening it down


  • No aboard song navigation
  • Device ships with no USB or audio cables

5. Ecoxgear Ecocarbon Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker (black)

For a client probing for the most effective Bluetooth speakers in terms of each sturdiness and value, look no additional than the EcoCarbon. Its overall look is rough, and one in every of the rounded, rubberized ends forms a handle for easy carrying.

This device is true reception on a trail; a fixing even comes within the package. The EcoCarbon additionally floats with your sound which you are sure to love. No word on however it sounds within the water, however, this device was designed to be waterproof and dustproof.

The device is black and comes with an alternative of black, blue, orange, or camouflage grille plates. Controls are full-featured, although tough to work owing to the waterproof construction. Be able to press exhausting.

Power, volume, and Bluetooth controls add conjunction together with your paired device. The EcoCarbon doesn’t supply NFC property. Track navigation and decision management controls are enclosed, likewise as an inbuilt crystal rectifier electric tube.

This is often positively of the most effective Bluetooth speakers for a cabin within the woods. The back panel includes a cowl to guard the connections.

There you’ll notice a master power switch to forestall accidental activation, likewise as each regular and micro USB port for charging the EcoCarbon and external devices. A micro USB cable and wall charger go with the first package.

There’s a three.5mm aux input, although no cable is enclosed for that. Battery life is twelve hours, varied for volume, sound source, and electric lamp usage.

Though the rear speaker is taken into account as a subwoofer, the bass from this device is nothing noteworthy.

Overall performance is nice, with no sense of skinny playback, however, in terms of deep replica, this device doesn’t foot-dragging. For a few users, this won’t be a difficulty in the slightest degree, however, this could not be one in every of the most effective Bluetooth speakers for a bass addict.


  • Designed for outside use
  • Includes associate crystal rectifier electric lamp
  • Extremely rugged style


  • No extended bass replica
  • Controls need some force to work

6. Vifa Oslo Compact Rechargeable Hi-Resolution Bluetooth Portable Speaker- Pebble Grey

Consumer expectations rise with worth, and the Vifa port comes with massive expectations. The unit’s trendy style suits its Danish heritage. The port is one among the most important transportable devices, fifteen by ten by half dozen inches and consideration over five lbs. Even though it Is quite capable of it, it’d be an uncomfortable addition to any encampment trip.

The aesthetic is way a lot of stay-at-home. On the surface, the port is solid and it is well-balanced, with rich, however not excessive, bass. There are several volume options out there.

The port will distort somewhat in low frequencies at high volumes, however solely with bass-heavy tracks contend at extreme levels.

This speaker is optimized for bass across several genres, not such a lot targeted on the low-frequency effects employed in EDM songs.

Given Oslo’s tag, there’s a scarcity of attention to detail. Style concerns probably limit controls on the speaker itself to keep up a clean visual look.

There aren’t any navigation controls and that includes solely a volume management associate with an external power indicator, the port doesn’t support telephone set duties. Even though it is quite transportable, this can be not a speaker designed to face all of that weather.

With solely an AC adapter and a 3.5mm audio jack, the port isn’t the foremost connectable device. It conjointly doesn’t supply a charging port for different devices. It is, however, NFC compatible. Battery life may be a modest eight hours.

Like different Bluetooth speakers, tracks often stop once you navigate out of sequence. Whereas it’s a standard prevalence on cheaper units, it’s out of place for this worth, ranking it lower on the list of best Bluetooth speakers.


  • Good replica with sparkling high-frequency clarity
  • Very trendy Scandinavian style


  • No telephone set capability
  • May stop the start of tracks

7. Marshall Kilburn Portable Bluetooth Speaker, Black (4091189)

The amp that launched rock ‘n’ roll could appear out of place on an inventory of best Bluetooth speakers, however here it’s, Marshall Kilburn, in a chic, nonetheless terribly Rock ‘n Roll, package.

The Kilburn has the distinctive look of a Marshall stringed instrument amp, right down to the material grille and amp-style controls. Out there in black or cream finishes, this device comes with an appearance quite sensible.

It sounds sensible too. Capable of significant volume, the Kilburn delivers swish performance across the frequency spectrum. The controls embrace separate bass and treble knobs, for fine-tuning sound, and cranking the bass management delivers serious deep-end goodness. people who like bass won’t be discomfited.

This is a tool with one purpose, though. There’s no telephone set support, and even though there’s an audio jack, and no device charging or NFC ability. Even though it has an amp-style handle, the Kilburn is supposed for indoor use. It’s 6.5 lbs., therefore you don’t need to lug it so much.

A pleasant touch is that a spiraling guitar-style audio cable is enclosed to attach your wired supply to the aux jack.

An influence cable connects on the rear panel to charge the battery, which is rated for twenty hours. Overall, this can be one of the simplest Bluetooth speakers for any rock ‘n’ roll lover.

One factor of note is that in contrast to most Bluetooth speakers, modifications on the speaker’s volume and atomic weight controls don’t change your smartphone.

It’s not shocking, since the Kilburn uses standard rotary knobs to grant the authentic Marshall amp look and feel, however it differs from than most Bluetooth speakers. There’s nothing wrong together with your decision of buying this one.


  • A different and authentic style with several rock ‘n roll attractiveness
  • Excellent sound with onboard bass and treble management


  • No telephone set functions
  • Few standard Bluetooth speaker extras

8. JBL Charge 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black) 

JBL contains a long history within the speaker world. Famed for nice sound and sturdy style, JBLs are accustomed be staples of skilled recording studios. The corporate enraptured into pc speakers, for the foremost half upping the ante during a field packed with low-cost knock-offs.

The Charge three may be a tube of fun. It’s not the foremost convenient form for toting around, however, and, at 2 lbs, it’s somewhat significant for a handbag. Still, it’s created to travel places wherever its water-resistance could also be placed to the check.

Conjointly out there in five colors, it puts out sound enough to form lugging it around worthy.

The performance-to-size magnitude relation is high. Capable of respectable volume, the Charge three offers deep bass, though to not subwoofer level. Overall, the sound is well-balanced.

No genre suffers on this JBL, but, again, perhaps not one among the simplest Bluetooth speakers for bass fans. There’s also a Connect button to combine another Charge three.

The Play button navigates ahead with a double click, however, there’s no reverse navigation. telephone set duty conjointly uses the Play button to activate. Regular and MicroUSB ports power the device and charge others, with a USB cable and power adapter shipped, but no 3.5mm audio cable enclosed. NFC isn’t supported.


  • Strong audio performance with up to twenty hours of battery life
  • Water-resistant and telephone set compatible


  • No back navigation on the device
  • Ships with few accessories

9. Libratone ZIPP Mini Speaker – Wi-Fi + Bluetooth + Airplay + Spotify Connect 

The Libratone Zipp mini bridges the gap between Bluetooth speakers and wireless home amusement systems, like Sonos or AirPlay. It supports multi-room systems, able to stream Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and is compatible with Apple AirPlay systems. That flexibility is exclusive among the devices listed here. Each Zipp mini is, however, a mono device. 

The sound is solid within the standard bass frequencies, however lacks packaging within the low-frequency regions. The replica isn’t the truest, either, though quite adequate for many music and sounds. The high frequencies could get somewhat brittle; however, this might go unnoticed during a giant area.

The standing cylinder plan, employed by many makers, is additionally used here. The Zipp mini ships in one among four colors and a rainbow of further accessories will be purchased.

It conjointly shines in its controls. In conjunction with the Libratone app, you’ll be able to select stream sources from the device, that conjointly handles navigation and freelance volume management. telephone set use is managed by the play/pause control. A “hush” feature mutes the sound once you place your hand gently on the highest of the speaker.

The rear panel hosts the ability button and power provide association. There also are aux connections and a USB port. Not solely are you able to charge devices on the USB association, it is another audio input. The power provided is enclosed, however, audio connectors aren’t.


  • Multi-room network support for up to sixteen speakers
  • Expanded property
  • Good bass replica for many genres


  • Mono sound support solely
  • Colored reproduction will not be to everyone’s style.

10. JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

JBL’s second entry here options the foremost cheap device on the list. Clip 2 is very transportable. It is about four inches in diameter, a triangular snap ring is constructed into the highest of the speaker, appropriate for clipping onto a belt loop, backpack, or tent loop.

The Clip 2 is additionally waterproof, therefore it’s beggary to travel on packing and canoe journeys. While the little size precludes ultra-deep bass, the Clip 2 isn’t just a piece of the tin box. Urban and EDM aren’t its areas of expertise, however, music with less bass stress presents with nice balance.

The performance matches each of the Clip 2’s size and worth. A second Clip 2 will be connected wirelessly, therefore you’ll be able to invariably simply get 2. Clip 2 uses a small USB port to charge.

There’s no 3.5mm jack, however, there’s a hardwired auxiliary cable that tucks within once, not in use.

Wired with an external device remains doable, and there’s no concern of misplacing the instrumentation. The Clip 2 of is that the solely ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker deserves inclusion within the Buyer’s Guide, and is totally one among the simplest Bluetooth speakers for its worth.


  • The great performance-to-size magnitude relation
  • Very cheap
  • Has telephone set capability
  • Hardwired auxiliary audio cable


  • No backward navigation on the device
  • No extremist deep bass replica


So, this was the full guide on the best Bluetooth speakers. Ask us questions in the comment section and we would try to answer that.

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