8 Best AR 15 Scope Under $100 – Buying Guide Included

The ArmaLite Rifle 15, which is also known as AR15, is undoubtedly one of the best and the most popular sporting rifle in the world. Being named after the designer company, the AR15 Rifle has undergone various significant improvements right from its inception in the year 1950.

Almost every manufacturer has manufactured a different version of AR15. Moreover, you can easily modify the Rifle and create your very own version of the AR15 Rifle.

The required chambering is around .22,.223, which stands to be 5.56 and 45 mm, along with 6.8 SPC, .308, .450 Bushmaster. Well, even shotgun variants and pistol calibers are also available.

AR15 is available at affordable prices. Moreover, its design is exceptionally such that many people buy the parts and then assemble them on their own. The AR15 Rifle is amazingly versatile and is used for tactical applications such as long-range shooting and various types of hunting.

Thus, when you are looking forward to buying an AR15 scope, you must be aware of its characteristics and features. Hence, we have listed here the best AR15 rifles to suit your various applications. Have a look, and choose the best one for you

Review of 8 Best Scopes for AR15 under $100

All good hunters need a proper scope for the coming hunting season. Many amateur hunters ask the reason behind owning a proper scope for AR15 rifles. So, the beginners should know some of the best scopes which are available in the market for AR15 guns within a decent price range.

Market research has revealed eight best scopes under $100 for AR15 rifles.

  • Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope
  • UTG 3-9×32 BugBUSTER Scope with Accessories
  • Simmons 8 Point Riflescope(3-9X50mm) including Truplex Reticle
  • Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Riflescope
  • Magpul Industries MBUS GEN 2-247-248
  • Pinty 2.5-10x40e Illuminated (Red and Green) Scope including 20mm Mount
  • CVLIFE’S 2.5-10X10X40e Illuminated (Red and green) Scope including 20mm MountAde Advanced Optics’ Front/Rear Buis Backup Iron Sight (45-Degree)

Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope

  • It is quite safe to say this is the best scope for AR 15 rifles under $100, because of its potential performance. It may be used in many situations and can give the users an edge over other hunters who do not use this scope. Naturally, prospective users want to find out the features it possesses. So, let us have a look at the features of this premium quality scope
  • The optics of this scope may help the users view even objects which are at a distance. It is constructed in a way to ward off the water, dust, and other damaging elements. So, it is protected from weather-related damages.
  • Moreover, it is easier to focus on using the scope of this device than others. Professional hunters have claimed that it helps them focus on the prey and observe their movements immediately.
  • Furthermore, the manufacturer has ensured that the customers needn’t worry about the durability of the product. They have used premium quality optics so that the product performs smoothly.
  • Also, the lenses are multi-coated to make this product useful even in low light. The lenses have a technology known as Dusk and Dawn Brightness, which makes shooting easier for the hunters.


  • To begin with, 3x to 9x magnification makes it easier for the hunter to view his prey even from a distance
  • Furthermore, the hunter may adjust the focus to suit his comfort
  • Again, the scope is not only waterproof but also fog proof and dustproof
  • The Dusk and Dawn lenses enable the hunters to hunt their prey even in low light
  • Last but not least, the scope is so well-constructed that it doesn’t allow anything to penetrate the scope


  • The mounting system of the scope could have been better.

Now let us check out the professional opinion about the other scope.

UTG 3-9×32 BugBUSTER Scope with Accessories

Professional hunters claim that it is the best budget scope available in the market.It is eligible to be taken on all hunting trips.

Its features are as follows:-

  • It produces bright images, even in pitch darkness. The emerald coating of this scope ensures that the hunter has a clear vision through it. Even then, the manufacturers provide lens caps and detachable rings to keep the scope safe.
  • Furthermore, it is capable of absorbing harshness from the environment. The hunters may even use it during heavy rainfall. The scope is weather resistant.
  • Also, the manufacturers have ensured that the scope is sealed from all sides. It is also sealed with nitrogen. As a result, no external elements can penetrate within the scope and damage it internally. 
  • Last but not least, it has a premium quality Mil-dot reticle, which lets the hunters shoot the target accurately.
  • Totally, it gives 21 aiming points, which make aiming easier.


  • To begin with, the locking system saves ample time. Even if the Rifle falls, the aim setting remains unchanged. It remains constant until the hunter changes it manually for comfort. As a result, hunting is more natural, and accidents are prevented.
  • Also, the emerald coating ensures bright pictorial quality.
  • Furthermore, the Mil-dot reticle makes the timing more precise.
  • Finally, the hunters have a clear picture of the prey, irrespective of the distance.


  • The only con is that the eye relief feature is not very satisfactory.

Simmons 8 Point Riflescope(3-9X50mm) including Truplex Reticle

This product is for those hunters who want something simple yet effective. As the concept goes, appearances can indeed be deceptive.

This scope from Simmons appears very ordinary but is endowed with jaw-dropping features.

  • The first feature is optics. This product has premium quality optics, which provides precise, as well as bright pictures. It is also coated in a way to maintain the brightness as well as contrast.
  • Apart from this, this scope is straightforward to adjust. The hunters have the facility to change the settings of the scope within a matter of seconds. It is also ensured that the hunter doesn’t need to adjust the settings each time he shoots. This feature is known as the Elevation adjustment system. The settings stay locked until the hunter manually changes it, to prevent accidents.
    • Moreover, the mounting system is healthy as well as durable. It helps the scope to remain steady on the Rifle and is convenient while the hunters try to hit the target.
  • Furthermore, the manufacturers have endowed it with a QTA eyepiece, which has made shooting as well as aiming more manageable tasks.
  • Last but not least, the scope is resistant to weather. As a result, hunters can carry it along with them, irrespective of any climate. The construction is such that it is recoil proof as well as fog proof.


  • To begin with, this scope has a matte black finish, which has made the appearance of the product attractive.
  • Moreover, it has coated optics of a premium quality, which provides the hunters with evident vision.
  • Also, this scope has 3X to 9X magnification as well as a 50 mm objective lens.


  • Unfortunately, most of the products which have gone towards its manufacture are of average quality.

Bushnell Trophy TRS-25 Riflescope

This compact scope is suitable for hunters who need to hit the target as fast as possible

  • The bright amber optics helps the hunter to distinguish his prey from the surroundings. This product works even in low light.
  • The multi-coated lenses ensure durability. It seems that the manufacturers have kept in mind that the optics will remain strong, despite facing rough handling.
  • The inner housing is full of nitrogen, thus helping it to stay dust-free and dry.
  • The hunter can use it, keeping both his eyes simultaneously open. This unique feature helps the hunter stay aware of his surroundings.
  • Furthermore, the hunter can shoot several times, within a fraction of seconds,
  • Last, but not least, it offers a red dot reticle feature. It has a knob integrated with it, which allows the hunter to control the settings.


  • To begin with, it provides unlimited eye relief.
  • Moreover, it is so compact that the hunter can carry it around in his backpack, alongside his Rifle.
  • Also, it has a matte finish, which gives it an attractive look.
  • Last but not least, the field of view is unlimited, as a result of which it helps the hunter see his prey from a distance.


  • The feature adjustment setting stops working after it has been handled roughly a few times.

Magpui Industries MBUS GEN 2-247-248

This product is a pair of sights. Experienced hunters claim that this pair is the best in the market.

So, the beginners have the curiosity to know why this pair of sights have got rave reviews. Thus, let us check out the features.

  • To begin with, this pair of sights is so solidly built that they can resist impact. This sturdy build has also made them durable. The weight is too light.
  • Furthermore, they are easy to mount. They are fixed to the top of the guns with the help of bolts. After that, they remain steady so that the hunter doesn’t face any distractions while aiming at the target. They may even be pushed down a little for the sake of convenience.
  • The front sight has an adjustment tool, which helps the hunter to adjust its height.


  • They are made of the polymer so that they become resistant to impact.
  • They have a flip-up system, which makes the sights lie down when the hunter is not using them.
  • Both the sights have a proper handle


  • Even if they are laid down, the height may be a problem while using optics.

So, let’s move on to the sixth product:-

Pinty 2.5-10×40 AOEG Illuminated

This product is the best scope for close range and mid-range shootings.

While those checking out the reviews feel the urge to know the reason behind it, let us get familiar with its features:-

  • To begin with, it has objective green lenses, which are more useful than the blue ones. These green lenses help the hunter capture crystal clear and sharp images.
  • Furthermore, it is sealed with O-ring. The inner chamber, which is filled with nitrogen, protects the optics from damage.
  • The manufacturers have made it with sturdy aluminum alloy, which keeps it working even after years.
  • The sealing deserves praise. This is why it cannot be damaged by harsh weather conditions like fog or rain.
  • Last but not least, it has five levels of brightness, which the hunter may adjust according to the weather.


  • The magnification is 2.5x to 10x
  • It may be attached within a fraction of seconds.
  • The lens provides premium quality light transmission.


  • It is not suitable for long-range shootings

As the hunting tale continues, let us progress towards the seventh scope:-

CVLIFE’s 2.5-10*40e Illuminated (Red and Green) Scope including 20mm Mount

This scope is simple to use and hence, ideal for beginners. Since this is bound to tempt the beginners, let’s discuss the features:-

  • To begin with, it has a multi-coated green lens, which transmits enough light.
  • This helps the hunters have a sharper view and thus pinpoint the target
  • Apart from this, it is endowed with a laser feature having 650 nanometres. This makes hunting easier.
  • The scope, as well as the mount, is durable. After all, they are made of stiff aluminum.
  • Also, it is soothing to the eyes.


  • It is made of aircraft-quality aluminum, which helps the scope to endure adverse conditions.
  • It has a Mi-dot reticle.


  • It is unsuitable to be used with high-recoil rifles.

With this, let us discuss the eighth product:-

Ade Advanced Optics’ Front/Rear BUIS Backup Iron Sight(45- degree)

This product consists of a pair of sights, which have managed to impress pro hunters. Experienced hunters claim that they are the best pair of sights up for sale in the market.

  • To begin with, they have the proper shape, angle, and unique offset positions. As a result, hunters find it very easy to aim at their targets.
  • This pair of sights is incredibly light in weight. This pair weighs as little as 150 grams. As a result, hunters find it convenient to carry this pair around, alongside their guns and backpacks.
  • They are made of stiff but light aluminum, which keeps them lightweight but healthy. As a result, they are durable.
  • Moreover, the mounting is so substantial that it keeps them steady at the top of the gun. Luckily, the hunters do not need any extra tools to mount them.


  • To begin with, they are hard anodized so that they can be more durable
  • Moreover, each sight has the same angle and height after it is mounted.
  • Then, it doesn’t block either the illuminators or the optics
  • This product consists of a pair of sights, which have managed to impress pro hunters. Experienced hunters claim that they are the best pair of sights up for sale in the market.


  • Not suitable for beginners

To conclude, these products have the best reviews from those who are experts in the field of hunting. The customer should buy the product which suits him.

Are Scopes Under $100 Reliable?

Well, undoubtedly there exists a vast difference between products which you can avail for ninety dollars and the ones that you buy for a thousand dollars. But, if your budget is fixed at a hundred dollars, then let me tell you that the scopes under $100 are highly reliable. 

They might not enable you to experience the features which a scope of a thousand dollars might endow you with, but you can sit back and be assured of its reliability. 

Of course, there is a difference between products that cost $90 and ones that cost $1000. However, the scopes under $100 are highly reliable and will assuredly serve you with the accuracy that you have been looking for for since long, and will provide you with a cost-effective product immediately.

Before buying, make sure you check the overall quality of the scopes, mainly the lens and its magnification properties. Well, here’s the catch, usually the magnification factors and the overall performance of the lens are the same for all the price ranges of the scopes. 

Be it of a thousand dollars or a hundred dollars, they will perform just the same. What sets apart the high-priced scopes from the lower ones is the brand name, but then again, there doesn’t exist much difference in the materials used and the manner of manufacturing.  

Apart from the brand name that increases the price, higher-priced models also have a few additional features which the scope under $100 might lack. 

Therefore, products under $100 are great for budget shooters or hunters or if you need a simple device for moderate to light use in a variety of situations. More specialized users or locations will require a more sophisticated and feature-heavy option.

Cautious Considerations Before Buying

Before you are out to buy your scope, you need to make sure that you consider a number of factors. Durability and the functioning of the AR15 Rifle play an essential role while buying the scope. 

Well, a number of scopes can be availed under a hundred dollars, but what sets all of them apart from each other is their features, which include variable magnification, illuminated reticles, red dot/laser sights, and large objective lenses.

However, does that anyhow mean that the more the features that are packed in your scope, the better your will be your scope?

Well, the answer to that is definitely a big NO! 

For a scope at this price range, I would suggest avoiding anything with a 50mm objective lens or bigger and avoiding anything with an illumination.  

For the most part, these types of features are just too difficult to offer for in scope under 100 dollars. I have even mounted a fixed magnification scope on my.22 LR bush gun, which I love shooting at the range under 100 yards. 

Do your own research! You can also reach out to any of your fellow gun users and ask for their opinions on the same. 

Here, I am going to try my level best to help you reach a decision based purely on my experience with the guns and the various tests that I have conducted on them. However, there is nothing to shy away from when talking to other gun enthusiasts. Talk to them and get your questions answered.

Also, ask your fellow gun users about the scopes they use and what the features that their scopes are provided with are.

However, you need to keep a few things in mind before buying an AR-15 Rifle. Keeping it in mind that since these rifles are cheap models, the manufacturers might try to offer sub-par features to you to compensate their cost price and make the maximum profit out of it.

 Here, I have formulated a few points which you must keep in mind before buying an AR-15 Rifle. 

· Over-Magnification​

Some rifle models will advertise extremely high magnification levels, usually over 30x. Avoid these models, as scopes around $100 typically do not have the right kind of lens or glass construction to make clear sight pictures for targets up to that range. Most people choose more magnification than they need, anyway. 

· Low Eye-Relief​

Avoid products that have eye-relief, or the area for the eye to rest away from the scope’s end, of less than three inches or so. Anything lower can cause damage to your eye as your rifle bucks from recoil.

· Fancy Reticles​

Some models have over-complicated or crowded reticles to entice inexperienced buyers. Avoid messy reticles the best models have bright, clean crosshairs that make aiming easy. 

Ways to choose the best AR-15 scope:-

 So, it is quite clear that calculating distance is the most crucial factor while choosing the optic. Here, it becomes most evident that we need to have a clear idea about the shooting activities in which we are going to engage while choosing the appropriate optics. That means we need to know why we use our scope.

 If we are sure that we will need to use our optics in harsh weather, the optics need to be specially equipped to handle such weather. In this context, it is a good idea to be aware that waterproof optics are the rage nowadays. This is an example of knowing the scope and being able to identify the situations in which the range will be used.

Single Shot scope vs. Full Auto

  • It is essential to understand whether the user is looking for accuracy while shooting single shots or double taps. After a single shot, recoil becomes an issue.
  • It is a brilliant idea to choose a scope with proper eye relief. A scope with adequate eye relief allows the user to use the field of vision more effectively and acquire the target twice as fast.
  • Furthermore, one must also think about the focal plane. A section of users prefers a second focal plane to keep the reticle in the same place even while using the zoom. Such type of scope helps the user get better shots and also increase the accuracy for a wide array of ranges. Professionals say that the reticle varies with magnification in the case of the first focal plane. In the case of the second focal plane, the reticle remains unchanged, thus facilitating magnification.
  • Other factors that professionals should take into consideration while selecting a proper scope are magnification and power. People should keep in mind that some scopes are fixed while others are pliable to choose the needs of the shooters. 
  • Professional shooters recommend looking for “nx” to evaluate the levels of magnification, where “n” is a number within the range of 1x and 16x.
  • “N” is an abbreviation for the number of times an image is enlarged as compared to the baseline vision of the user.
  • The good idea is to adapt the magnification power of the scope, after considering the shooting environment. The best approach is to go for large numbers while shooting in open plains and smaller ones while shooting in forests.

Deciding the Best scope:-

  • Amateur shooters tend to choose the first scope they find. This trend should be avoided. On the other hand, one should invest some time to research what kind of scope he should buy.
  • The most common advice in this regard is to check the reviews before zooming in to a proper scope. However, it is not enough to check only 5-star reviews. One should also go through the 2-star and 3-star reviews attentively to be prepared for the issues which may crop up. Beginners are advised to check the compatibility of the scope with the gun. This piece of advice is shared so that no universal size fits all models. 
  • Shooters should ensure that the scope fits the upper receivers of the guns.
  • They should also think about the bullet type before choosing a scope.

Always check guarantee and warranty

  • Users should never use a product which comes without a warranty. They should keep in mind that no respectable company launches a product in the market without a warranty. 
  • The shooters can rest in peace when they are aware that a scope that is damaged or broken within the warranty period will either be repaired or replaced. 
  • It is a good idea to try out different scopes or ask more experienced shooters for advice.
  • To conclude, the shooter has to decide the best AR-15 model for himself after selecting his preference, because of an illuminated reticule is different from a laser sight one. 

Buying Guide for AR15 Scopes

You do have an option to have the best AR 15 scope for buying within $100. However, before that, you need to figure out individual facts to get the same when the budget is a constraint. 

The events that we are talking about will help you in knowing the structure and behavior of an ideal scope. Before delaying much now, let us discuss some of the essential facts for considering before buying a range. 

The facts are as follows: 

  1. Lenses
  2. Magnification
  3. Mounting
  4. Housing


  • It plays an essential role in terms of quality for a rifle scope. When you are using lenses of low grade, the views won’t have brighter and clear images for you to hunt your prey. 
  • However, nowadays, multi-coated lenses have become very popular. It can produce very crisp and sharp images. So it is good to buy a scope that has multi-coated lenses. 
  • Coatings of modern lenses are way beyond good than that of anti-reflective ones that were manufactured in the year 1935 by a Carl Zeiss designer. 
  • Reflection is reduced at a very nominal range, infuses exceptional quantity of light, and fine-tune the light color infusion is close to perfect.


  • It further plays an important role and also to be considered as one of the critical factors. 
  • One must not forget that without having proper magnification from a distance, shooting can be done on your target without having an adequate aim. 
  • A specialist is suggesting to have scopes that have different zooming features. This type of range can be found at a minimal budget also.
  • Make yourself clear about the magnification, and for what purpose you will use it. So do not get carried away with the advertisements offering various features. 
  • Just keep in mind if they are in need of you or just an extra cost to a burden.


  • It is another essential factor to consider. If proper mounting is not done, you will not have a steady sprayed and will not give you that satisfaction under the spray head. 
  • So this is to say that proper mounting of your riflescope needs to be taken care of for you to have your prey hunted. We have few guidelines for you to follow while mounting and they are
  • The Hex Bit Tool
  • The Torque Wrench
  • Cantilever Scope Mount
  • Bubble Level
  • Rubbing Alcohol and Cleaning Patches
  • Shooting Rest or Gun Vice.


  • The housing keeps the inner construction and lenses safe. A quality scope always has stable housing. You have to make sure that the range you bought has a wooden house. 
  • The sealing should also be strong enough. We should suggest you buy a scope which has a housing made of Aluminum.
  • It is one the vital part for your scope as if the housing is not stiff enough, and it will topple while shooting. 
  • So, one must have robust housing for a quality scope. The seal should be such so that it is strong enough. Aluminum housing is always suggested for your AR scope.

Now let us discuss with some of the types of rifle scopes.

It is being said that differences in riflescopes will vary on the scope you are using. Illumination will be shown on the top of the picture, which is shown with a red dot reticle. 

But we should not consider this as a laser vision. The red dot reticle is not your game itself. It is just a vision that is being shown on your prey, and it is handy for the one who is having a short-range hunt and also helps you have a strategic fringe.

Now let us consider the focal plane as one more point.

  • The commonly used scope is Second Focal Plane because of the fact, the reticle stays identical whenever zoomed in.
  • One more type is the First Focal Plane. You will find the difference when you use this as you will find the image with the reticle zoomed in.
  • So to conclude the difference, when using First Focal Plane scope, the reticle is bigger when zoomed than compared to the magnification. An accurate shot can be taken with the range of this. However, the Second Focal Plane remains identical when zoomed, which troubles you for more magnification.
  • It should be kept into consideration about the Power and Magnification of the scope. Though having fixed ranges, most of the reaches have variations in magnification, which can be adjusted according to the needs of the hunters.

Let us take a note of four ideal firearm scopes which are namely compact rifle scope, sniper, laser rangefinder rifle scope, and the pistol scope.

  1. When you want something straightforward to handle, the compactis the one, lightweight and shorter rifle scope is ideal than that of the standard one.
  2. If you want to hunt from a distance, a sniper rifle scope is the best for you as it helps you to increase the size of the image and to lead to a clear shot.
  3. However, one may find a laser rangefindermore interesting as it gives you the range of the distance from your chance. Now that is something that sounds crazy!
  4. Now pistol scopeis the one that lets you have a clear shot without having much magnification, and it is ideal for close-range shots.

Some of the biggest scope brands are mentioned for your knowledge as below: 


This brand is phenomenal because of its built and the manufacturing team, from Michigan, Leapers. Inc, they make it sure that whatever they produce should meet the best quality standard and be born from the U.S.A. 


A name whose scope many run to buy for having a clear shot for their photography. This brand is continuing its expertise for a long, and it is now more than a century that they know to deal with the lenses applied to firearm scopes as well. 


This brand is exclusive because whatever they produce, they come in extravagant shape because of their craftsmanship. You will get everything with a warranty of a lifetime. They are suitable to be handled for battle and have a lasting nature.  


Well, you can clearly see that there are numerous excellent AR15 Riflescopes to choose from, and that too is under $100. Choose one that falls right within your budget and the one that satisfies your needs. 

You need not sacrifice the quality in order to find the one which is both durable and usable without having to lose out on excess money. We hope that this guide has helped you and cleared all your confusion regarding which scope you need to buy.